Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast: Trends in Surface Selection

Without a doubt, when it comes to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators will find that they are among the most important decorator fittings in our homes… 

Gold Coast homes typically have a very open-plan style to suit the relaxed pace of this vacation city, and so the choice of countertop will be a prominent feature of the home’s interior design scheme.     Given that there are so many different materials available for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast residents who are planning to build or renovate should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of these different materials and consider whether they will stack up against their lifestyle requirements.

Kitchen benchtops Gold Coast - after resurfacing

Kitchen benchtop after resurfacing

Kitchen benchtops Gold Coast - before resurfacing

Kitchen benchtop before resurfacing











When it comes to the most economical choice for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast locals will find it hard to beat HP laminates.  Laminated countertops have the advantages of being easy to clean, stain resistant, and they come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures. The affordability of this material combined with its hardwearing nature makes it a material for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast families will absolutely love. Coastal trends currently favour laminate tops with post-formed square edge profiles, however the rounded edges are still popular safety considerations for those with young children.

Engineered Stone

Although laminate countertops have the advantage of being hardy and affordable, the downside is that they are prone to cuts, scratches and burn marks from hot pans.  When desiring a more rugged or prestigious material for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast residents tend to opt for man-made or engineered stone products such as Corian, Caesarstone or Bisazza.   These highly popular composite surfaces are a mixture of minerals, stone or glass particles and resin or acrylic, and provide countertops that are attractive, hygienic, stain resistant and low maintenance.    Unfortunately, counters crafted from these materials must be fitted with perfect precision and measurements can only be taken when the base cabinets have been installed.  This means that for any of the composite kitchen benchtops Gold Coast buyers will need to allow several weeks for production and installation.

Natural Stone

Natural stone benches are the elegant but expensive choice often found in the multimillion dollar homes that adorn the canals of Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove. Granite and marble slabs are both appealing options thanks to their beautiful colors and patterns. However, since granite is the more durable option for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast households will probably find it a more suitable alternative.  Stone suppliers generally recommend that customers go to the factory and choose the exact slab they wish to use for their project because there can be considerable variation in the color and pattern of the stone, even within a single batch. Despite the dramatic good looks of natural stone kitchen benchtops Gold Coast households with young families may find them a more difficult option to maintain.  This is because stone benches are porous and prone to staining, and they require ongoing sealing every six months.

Alternatives for Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast

While timber, tiles, slate and stainless steel were once popular choices for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast interior design trends seem to be moving away from the use of these materials.  And when it comes to upgrading dated kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators now have another economical alternative to replacement up their sleeves.  Instead of installing new kitchen benchtops Gold Coast company Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing can be called upon to simply spray the existing countertops with a tough acrylic coating that makes them look like new again.  Kitchen resurfacing is an ideal and cost-effective solution when decorating funds are limited.  So no matter what their lifestyle needs or budget require, when it comes to choosing kitchen benchtops Gold Coast residents are sure to find a solution that’s just right for them.