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Kitchen featuring Maximum’s large format porcelain panels

For those looking to go beyond the limits of traditional or man-made stone benchtops Brisbane and Gold Coast clients will be delighted to learn that large format porcelain panels (LFPP’s) have now arrived on the design scene in South East Queensland.  Having taken the European market by storm and now edging their way into the limelight of Australian architecture, these innovative and environmentally-friendly panels are set to become our new favourite option for creating sleek Euro stylings in the kitchen.

Most people will be familiar with porcelain as a substance that has been used to create decorative objects for thousands of years.   Over the centuries it has also been used as a building material in the form of small tiles (not to be confused with ceramic tiles which are more porous) and bathroom fittings.  Surprisingly enough, porcelain is now emerging as a revolutionary alternative for kitchen countertops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities, floors and walls in the form of large, thin panels measuring up to 3m x 1.5m.

Hardwearing Porcelain Benchtops Brisbane Families Can Really Live With

With a thickness of just 6mm these porcelain slabs offer a slimmer, more lightweight design solution for creating stunning kitchen benchtops Brisbane and Gold Coast homeowners are sure to find irresistibly appealing.  The pressed ceramic sheets are available in a range of finishes from semi-matt to highly polished, and clients can choose from a diverse range of patterns including marble-like surfaces that rival the look of natural stone, as well as woodgrains and cool modern cement and metallic designs.

Apart from a slimline profile and contemporary aesthetics, large format porcelain panels offer a number of distinct advantages over popular reconstituted stone products.  Not only are they very strong and dense but they’re also scratch resistant and non-porous.  The pressed porcelain finish resists stains and won’t crack due to thermal shock, while mould and mildew won’t find a foothold on these surfaces either.  All in all, these characteristics add up to stylish bathroom surfaces and durable kitchen benchtops Brisbane families can relax and feel at home with.

Green Technology from Italy Revolutionizes Kitchen Benchtops Brisbane

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of this unique porcelain stoneware is that it is a true green alternative. LFPP’s are made from completely natural materials and do not contain any toxic sealants, epoxies, waxes, binders or other harmful chemicals that could contribute to the emission of VOC s in the home.  Some panels even come with a photocatalytic self-cleaning technology that works to kill 99% of harmful bacteria, break down dirt particles, remove cigarette smoke odours and clear the air of pollutants.

Other advantages that stack up in favour of LFPP’s are that since the slabs are up to 36kg/m2 lighter than their 20mm reconstituted stone counterparts, they are easier to install and handle and can save valuable time on fit-outs.  The panels are also UV stable and won’t fade even in direct sunlight which means that they are ideal for low-maintenance indoor or outdoor cladding with no sealing or painting required.  Far from being limited to use on residential bathrooms and kitchen benchtops Brisbane commercial environments will find large format porcelain panels are a viable alternative for a myriad of applications including eye-catching facades and the refurbishment of outdated public spaces.