brisbane kitchensThere are several new and exciting ideas coming out of the design sphere for Brisbane kitchens this year. If you like a functional and easy to maintain kitchen, you are going to enjoy the 2013 kitchen trends. Some of the most popular looks this year include colours that are warm, natural textures and appliances with various features.

Design Trends for Brisbane Kitchens

The layout which is currently most in vogue for Brisbane kitchens continues to be an open floor plan where family and friends can gather together and socialize during meal preparations. An up-to-date country design with a modern twist is also hot property in the home decorating arena this year. If you occasionally like to change the aesthetic design of your kitchen, without having to replace the appliances, flooring and countertops, contemporary or modern styling can often be blended together with elements of country design, by incorporating simple changes such as handles or wall accessories.


People with trendy Brisbane kitchens are now choosing appliances that are built-in and concealed. Induction cook tops are becoming increasingly popular because this method is more energy efficient than traditional cooking. Induction cooking relies on induction heating to directly get the cooking vessel warm as opposed to traditional heating which transfers the heat from an electrical coil or a gas burner.

Flooring and Benchtops

Brisbane kitchens are trending towards counter tops and flooring that are simple in design and made from natural textures and finishes. Faux materials are also popular choices, including ceramic tiles that create the appearance of wood or natural stone.

Colour Choices

Brisbane kitchen renovationThe colours currently trending for Brisbane and Gold Coast kitchens include greys, beige and various whites. A popular choice for a sophisticated design is a neutral grey with splashes of black being used in areas such as the cabinet door handles or trim. Whereas the country kitchen was once typified by the use of browns, this palette has now been replaced with tans, beige and off-white. So while the current look is inspired by traditional country style,  the colours are less bold and more neutral. If you prefer a clean, contemporary look the popular colour choices are white, with hints of grey or varied whites with streamlined appliances.


Although the current colour choices for cabinets still tend towards the darker side of the spectrum, options such as a light maple are also becoming popular for a trendy, modern approach for the kitchen. The cabinet trend is smooth and slick, with simple handles, regardless of the colour or finish you choose. The best look for a modern kitchen is white or grey cabinets with simple pulls.

If you are renovating your existing fixtures or installing a new kitchen, the good news is that many of the popular elements of this season’s look will not lose their attractiveness as trends change. For example, if you want a contemporary and modern kitchen, but only want to update it every few years, choosing up-to-the-minute colours such as whites, greys and beige will mean that your look can be easily upgraded without major changes. When you use a basic colour palette, achieving a look that is in line with the latest trends for Brisbane kitchens can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint or some new hardware.