Style Guide

On this page you will find links to view the various styles, colours and finishes available for your kitchen and bathroom renovation products. 

During your free design consultation, our makeover experts will provide a selection of samples for you to view and feel.  We’ll also discuss your needs and provide colour, finish and design recommendations in line with your preferences and budget.  We recommend that prior to your consultation you gather some pictures of styles you like and explore some of the different surfaces available to you by looking through the ranges we’ve collated for you below.

During your consultation you may wish to discuss options from this list of services we provide:

Cabinet, tile & tub resurfacing – This is a suitable option for melamine/laminate cabinets, ceramic or porcelain tiles, and tubs, provided they are in good condition and have not been previously resurfaced or painted with a DIY laminate/tile paint or standard house paints. We do not resurface real timber cabinets except in clear 2pack.

Cabinet refacing – We can replace your existing doors and panels with new melamine, 2-pack or vinyl-wrapped ones in a variety of flat or routered profiles. We can provide either cabinetry with handles or handleless options.

Cabinet alterations – We can make alterations to your existing cabinets such as converting cabinets to drawers, making alterations for new ovens and rangehoods etc.

New cabinets, wardrobes, kitchens and bathrooms – We can build any new cabinets you require, including wardrobes.  We can also do complete ripouts and rebuilds of your existing kitchen, bathroom, or laundry (cosmetic only – no structural work such as moving walls, cutting through concrete floors)

New benchtops – We can replace your current benchtop with a new one in laminate, engineered stone, natural stone, porcelain, Dekton, solid surface or timber.  Please note we do not currently offer benchtop resurfacing.

New splashbacks – We can provide glass, mirror, graphic printed, tiled, ceramic or stone splashbacks.  We offer resurfacing of existing splashbacks where kitchen cabinets will be resurfaced onsite.

New appliances & fixtures – We can provide a range of kitchen appliances, sinks, basins, tapware and mixers, storage accessories, and bathroom fixtures including shower screens.  

New flooring – If your existing tiled floor is still securely adhered, we can tile over it or arrange installation of luxury vinyl planks or hybrid flooring.  Please note we do not resurface or regrout floor tiles.

 If you haven’t yet booked a design consultation why not take advantage of this free service and make your appointment today.

Doors & Drawers

We can resurface your existing doors, drawer fronts and fixed panels in any Dulux colour, or even a couple of coordinating colours.  We offer either a satin or gloss 2pack finish.  Many people choose standard white for their colour however we can also colour match the finish to existing cabinetry or any Dulux colour.

Click here to choose from the range of Dulux colours

If you are refacing your cabinets, you have the option of a plain door or one with a profile. We can make the doors with a new handle size if you wish, or make them handleless using push-to-open catches or a j-channel finger pull. If you choose to have brand new cabinets built you also have the luxury of choosing true handleless doors with a reverse bevel. Below is a selection of profiles to choose from.

3mm Shaker

PW1 - VJ

7mm Shaker




For brand new cabinets with flat doors you have the option of choosing a melamine or decorative board.  We can assist you with choosing colours, patterns and finishes to suit your decor and lifestyle.  We carry a range of samples from Laminex, Formica & Polytec.  

Vinyl-wrapped (thermolaminated) doors are another option for those who want an even greater choice of door profiles ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. Heat and humidity are the enemies of vinyl-wrapped doors and we generally do not recommend using them in Queensland’s subtropical climate since we are often called in to replace them at around the 7 year mark when the vinyl starts to come off. If this is not a concern for you or you want a timbergrain finish on a door with a profile we can accommodate you with a range of thermolaminated styles, colours and finishes. 

Engineered Stone Benchtops


YDL stone countertops are a very popular option with our clients due to their affordable pricing.  The builder’s range represents excellent value for money and all ranges come with a 10 year warranty.

Click here to view the YDL benchtop colour range.


Lithostone began in Victoria and now offer their engineered stone surfaces in Queensland. They have innovated with low silica slabs, offer competitive pricing and a 15 year warranty.

Click here to view the Lithostone benchtop range

Stone Ambassador

Stone Ambassador offers a great array of colours and some uniquely striking patterns such as ‘New York’, ‘Sierra Leone’ & ‘Enchanted White’.  Nicely priced and their essential range is suitable for those on a budget.  Stone Ambassador offers a 10 year warranty.

Click here to view the Stone Ambasssador colour range.


Smartstone are a premium brand of engineered stone surfaces.  They present a great range of luxurious patterns, and the whites in their Santorini collection are especially white and bright.  The price point for Smartstone is on the higher side.  They offer a 15 year warranty.

Click here to view the Smartsone range.


Silestone is a world leader in engineered stone.  They have a huge range of colours and continue to innovate. Their N-Boost technology is revolutionary in preventing fingerprints and staining while maintaining the shine of the benchtop. They offer a range of thicknesses and a 25 year warranty.

Click here to view the Silestone colour range.


Essastone is a range of engineered stone surfaces created by Laminex.  This small collection has been designed to coordinate with Laminex’s cabinetry surfaces and features 4 different surface textures.   Essastone comes with a 15 year warranty.

Click here to view the Essastone range.

Caesarstone Range

Caesarstone is Australia’s most recognised brand of reconstituted stone. They have a range of UV stable engineered stone for outdoor kitchens. Caesarstone’s pricing is on the higher side.  They provide a 10 year warranty.

Click here to view the Caesarstone colour range

Quantum Quartz

Quantum Quartz have a wide range of patterns available.  Try out the visualiser tool on their website to see different combinations of floor, cabinet & stone surfaces. Quantum Quartz has a 10 year warranty.

Click here to view the Quantum Quartz benchtop range

Laminate Benchtops

Laminex Range

Click here to view the Laminex benchtop finishes range

Formica Benchtop Range

Click here to view the Formica benchtop finishes range

Polytec Benchtop Range

Click here to view the Polytec benchtop laminate range

Laminate Benchtop Edge Profiles

Resurfaced Benchtops

Click on the thumbnails to view the Fleck Cote stone-look bench top finishes in greater detail. This is just a selection of our range, with more available on request.  Please note that it is difficult to display these finishes accurately online.  We recommend that you book a complimentary consultation to see actual colours and finishes.
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