Timber benchtops Gold CoastOnce relegated to the rustic country kitchen, timber is rapidly becoming the material of choice for benchtops Gold Coast homeowners dream of.   

And it’s not hard to see why.  As a natural material timber brings inherent warmth to the home and can be styled to fit all kinds of interior designs ranging from traditional to modern country or contemporary.  Since nature’s handiwork ensures that no two trees are ever exactly the same, a wooden countertop also carries its own special level of uniqueness that can never be replicated, making it a work of art for your kitchen.

By choosing to install timber benchtops Gold Coast renovators are also making the choice for an environmentally safe and healthy home. Unlike other popular construction materials used in kitchens, this earthborn building medium does not contain the toxic glues and chemicals present in certain man-made alternatives.  For complete peace of mind however, homeowners should look for species that are sourced from responsibly managed forests.  We have a smorgasbord of species to choose from here in Australia, ranging in colour from the pale straw mountain ash to pink Karri to russet-toned forest red gum and dark chocolate ironbark.

When opting for wooden benchtops Gold Coast residents can be assured that they are gaining an enduring workspace that will outlast many other types of surface materials.  Soft underhand and warm to the touch, a timber top becomes even more enhanced with age and wear.  This is particularly true of those housed in rustic, ethnic or classically styled surrounds where little nicks and stains add to the charm.  An added advantage with solid timber benchtops is that they are able to be ground back and refinished if they ever become damaged or faded.

Timber Benchtops Gold Coast: What You Need to Know

Although there are many benefits in favour of using timber benchtops you do need to be aware of a few drawbacks before making the final decision to install this sort of counter in your home.  Wood is a comparatively soft benchtop material and this makes it more prone to water damage, stains, nicks and scratches than many other countertop products.  In some country style households this wear and tear can be a plus, but for those desiring a sleekly polished contemporary finish it can be a source of constant frustration.  There are some heavy duty polyurethane products that can be applied to timber tops to create a beautiful gloss finish, however these cannot eliminate scratches altogether.  Tung nut oil is a natural alternative to polyurethane that can provide a resilient shine and an excellent seal, whilst a plant-based buffing oil can lend a softer satin finish.

To preserve the appearance of timber benchtops Gold Coast families should avoid placing hot pans directly onto the work surface and should always use a chopping board for food preparation. Any spills, including water, should be wiped up immediately to avoid staining. A few drops of dishwashing detergent and a damp cloth will usually be sufficient to remove food scraps and stains. By following these simple maintenance measures to care for their benchtops Gold Coast homeowners can enjoy the class and warmth of a timber toned kitchen for many years to come.