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Kitchen Resurfacing Gold Coast

Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing are specialists in kitchen resurfacing for Gold Coast and Brisbane homes. Before you tear out your kitchen and replace it we believe you should take a serious look at the benefits of one of the home improvement industry’s best kept secrets: kitchen refinishing. Here’s why…

The kitchen is the hub of any home. Often a hive of activity, no other room in our house needs to stand up to the kind of punishment that our kitchen endures on a daily basis. Mess, heat, water and the constant wear and tear of family life can all take their toll on our kitchens. Interior design trends also change with time, and can sometimes see us left with a space that may be functional, but no longer beautiful. With the cost of new kitchen installations running into the tens of thousands, is it any wonder that many people find themselves putting up with chipped or damaged cabinets, worn and stained bench tops, greasy splashbacks and outdated colour schemes? Now, thanks to kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast families no longer have to.

We used a combination of resurfacing and refacing to modernise this kitchen in Cleveland, Qld.

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets, Benchtops and Tiles to Look Brand New Again

With kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast homes can get the Cinderella treatment for up to 70% less than the cost of replacement. Best of all, you can completely transform your kitchen without needing to demolish existing cabinets, countertops and appliances, or damaging splashbacks and tile work. Our technicians use specialised equipment to apply a high-performance acrylic coating over the existing surfaces, totally rejuvenating worn out cupboards, tiles and kitchen benchtops. Whether it’s a simple colour update to some cabinets or overhauling your entire kitchen, we can match our two pack coating to any Dulux or Taubmans decorator colour so that you can showcase your own unique style.
The owners of this Brisbane kitchen had it resurfaced from an outdated woodgrain melamine to a vibrant glossy red finish

Bargain Kitchens that Look A Million Dollars

Why spend countless thousands of dollars installing a brand new kitchen when only a trained eye could detect the difference between a refinished kitchen and a new one? By choosing kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast renovators will enjoy significant savings on both material and labour costs when compared to a traditional rebuild. With refinishing you can keep your existing fixtures intact and you won’t need to contract a host of different tradespeople to complete the job. Our professionally applied, purpose-designed coating will provide an amazing finish that will rival the good looks of brand new kitchens. You will be delighted with your new, durable surface that will easily last 10-15 years when properly cared for.
Eighty doors were resurfaced from the original woodgrain veneer to stunning gloss white in this palatial Gilston kitchen
kitchen resurfacing gold coast

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Gold Coast Kitchen Renovations with Less Mess and Less Stress

Traditional kitchen rebuilds typically involve the dusty, dirty demolition and removal of cabinets, benchtops, tiles and appliances along with the inconvenience of packing up and storing your kitchen equipment for the duration of the renovation. However, by choosing kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast families can gain a great looking space with minimal disruption to their everyday lifestyle. Resurfacing is conducted within a sealed environment so that there is less mess to deal with, and in most cases you can simply leave the contents of your cupboards right where they are. As a smarter way to update, refinishing will also save you the hassle of having multiple tradespeople traipsing through your home for weeks on end since a complete kitchen overhaul can usually be completed in a few days.
The burl veneer in this Emerald Lakes kitchen was an eyesore until the owners opted to have it resurfaced in gloss white

Want a Kitchen That Won’t Cost the Earth?

When you choose to resurface kitchen fittings as opposed to replacing them, you can feel good about the fact that you are saving the planet from unwanted landfill. Chipped, cracked and damaged kitchen surfaces can usually be repaired during the preparation stage, and by recycling and reusing the fixtures in your kitchen you will be doing your part to help planet Earth.  You can also breathe easy knowing that we use high tech chemical cleaners and bonding agents to prepare the surfaces, eliminating the need for dangerous acids.

To sum it all up, when it comes to kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast renovators will find that it is one of the quickest, most convenient, environmentally-friendly and economical kitchen renovation alternatives.  Call us today on  1300 853 015 for expert advice on your kitchen makeover and to book a free consultation and quote.

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