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Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast: Trends in Surface Selection

by | Bench Tops Gold Coast, Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast

Without a doubt, when it comes to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators will find that they are among the most important decorator fittings in our homes.  Local houses typically have a very open-plan style to suit the relaxed pace of this vacation city, and so the choice of countertop will be a prominent feature of the home’s interior design scheme.   Given that there are so many different materials now available for kitchen benchtops, Gold Coast families who are planning to build or renovate should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of these different materials and how they might stack up against their lifestyle requirements.

Laminate Kitchen Benchtops

When it comes to the most economical choice for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast locals will find it hard to beat HP laminates. Laminex and Formica are two all-time favourite brands that most people will be familiar with.  Laminated countertops have the advantages of being easy to clean, stain resistant, and today they come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures including designs that mimic the look of stone. The affordability of this option, combined with its hardwearing nature, makes it an ideal choice of kitchen benchtop Gold Coast families will love as well as anyone wanting to keep renovation costs down. Laminate technology is improving all the time and there is now the option to have your laminate benchtop crafted with a squareform edge profile that looks like a stone slab, or you can even have the ribboning effect of carrara marble simulated across the entire surface area of the countertop. For those with young children who prefer a rolled edge option for safety rather than square edges,  a 10/10 edge profile is the contemporary way to go and is gentler on the body too when leaning against it.

The owners of this Robina kitchen chose the marble-like 180fx Laminex in a matte finish for their benchtops to complement the glossy white resurfaced cabinets

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Although laminate countertops have the advantage of being hardy and affordable, the downside is that they are prone to cuts, scratches and burn marks from hot pans.  So when a more rugged, easy-care material is needed for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators can opt for man-made, or engineered, stone products such as Quantum Quartz or Caesarstone.   These highly popular artificial stone surfaces are a mixture of stone aggregates, pigments and resin, and provide countertops that are not only attractive but hygienic, stain resistant, heat-resistant and low maintenance.    Since they are made from quartz, one of the strongest stones on earth, these benchtops can hold up under the harshest treatment. In addition to the classic fleck-style engineered stone ranges, there are now some exciting industrial concrete selections to choose from for those wanting a more cutting edge aesthetic.  Among the potential downsides of engineered stone is that they are more expensive than laminated countertops and also that they lack the individuality and unique beauty of natural stone since each slab is manufactured to be identical. 

Engineered stone benchtops were the perfect contemporary surface for this hampton’s style designer kitchen in Surfers Paradise

Natural Stone Benchtops

Natural stone benches are the elegant but more expensive choice often found in the multimillion dollar homes that adorn the canals of Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove. Granite and marble slabs are both appealing options thanks to their beautiful unique colours and patterns. However since granite is more durable, for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will probably find it to be the more suitable choice. There can be considerable variation in the colour and pattern of the stone, even within a single batch so we generally recommend that customers come with us to the stone wholesalers and choose the exact slab they wish to use for their project.  One drawback to consider is that despite the dramatic good looks of granite kitchen benchtops Gold Coast households with time-poor owners may find them a more difficult option to maintain.  This is because natural stone countertops are porous and susceptible to staining, and they require ongoing sealing every six months.

Other Alternatives for Benchtops on the Gold Coast

While tiles, slate and stainless steel were once popular choices for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast interior design trends seem to be moving away from the use of these materials.  Meanwhile timber and cement benchtops have gained some favour in recent years as alternatives to the more conventional materials.  Porcelain benchtops are a new player on the market offering some of the great benefits of engineered stone benchtops, such as strength and stain-resistance, but with a sleeker edge profile. They are also UV-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor kitchens, and can withstand scratches and abrasion. The downside of their thin profile is that the edges can become chipped if they cop an impact and they are also a little on the pricier side, generally costing more than engineered stone.  

The cabinets were refaced and the maroon benchtops were resurfaced to improve the appeal of this Bonogin kitchen before it went on the market

kitchen benchtop resurfacing Gold Coast

Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing

When it comes to upgrading dated kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators now have another economical alternative up their sleeves. Kitchen resurfacing is an ideal and cost-effective solution when decorating funds are limited. Instead of installing new countertops, the existing ones can simply be sprayed with a tough acrylic coating that makes them look like new again.  This is a quick and easy way to makeover a kitchen and typically the cost of benchtop resurfacing is about a thousand dollars less than replacing the top in laminate.  On the downside, whereas a new laminate benchtop could last up to 30 years, you could only expect the resurfacing coatings to extend the life of the benchtop by approximately another five years, after which time certain patches may start to wear thin.  So the decision as to whether to resurface or replace your benchtops really comes down to budget, lifestyle needs and whether you want a more long-lasting option or a short-term aesthetic improvement.

So no matter what your requirements are, when it comes to choosing kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners are sure to find a solution that’s just right for them.  Give us a call today to see how we can help with installation of a new laminate, engineered or natural stone benchtop or with resurfacing your existing counter for a quick facelift.