Thanks to innovative technologies in kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast home owners can fall in love with their kitchen again without having to go through the hassles and hardships of a full-blown renovation process.

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Before resurfacing an outdated colour scheme can pull down the look of the home

kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast

After kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast homes are lighter and brighter

Many people simply choose to put up with the ‘daggy factor’ that comes with an aging kitchen – that colour scheme that was the latest look a decade ago, those pesky chips and cracks that spoil the façade of this much-used family area as well as outdated features such as wooden benchtop surrounds or drawer edging that anchor the look of the kitchen in a previous era. And why? For most families the cost and inconvenience of embarking on a traditional renovation to achieve a fresh, up-to-the-minute look can be hard to justify while the kitchen is still functional.


Thankfully with kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast renovators have a user-friendly alternative that will let them say goodbye to all these kinds of frustrations. Provided the kitchen is still structurally sound, virtually any surface can be refinished whether it’s the cabinet doors, fixed panels, benchtop or splashback tiles. Here are three benefits of kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast homeowners will be celebrating when planning out options for their next dream kitchen makeover.

Champagne taste on a beer budget? Choose resurfacing if you want good looks that cost a lot less.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Much of the cost involved in a traditional renovation can be spared if you don’t need to create new cabinet carcasses or change the position of existing fixtures. By retaining the ‘bones’ of your kitchen and simply updating the exterior finish you can save a huge amount of money compared with if you were starting from scratch. The majority of resurfacing customers keep their cabinet makeover costs to a bare minimum by having the two-pack finish applied only to the outside and four edges of their cupboard doors along with the fixed panels. Benchtops can also be updated with a durable, stone-look finish for approximately half the price of a new laminated benchtop. Basically money spent on resurfacing buys a whole lot of visual appeal for the parts that everybody sees, rather than the parts they don’t.

Can’t bear the thought of the prolonged mess and stress of a renovation? Introducing a makeover that happens at the speed of light

The good news is that instead of enduring weeks of inconvenience while builders undertake a traditional rip-out and rebuild, with kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast tradies can complete a total kitchen makeover in a matter of days. This fast turn-around time is especially beneficial for commercial premises where the minimisation of down-time means the owner can get back to doing business and bringing dollars through the door more quickly.

Looker for a greener way to renovate? With kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast families have an inexpensive but environmentally responsible option

None of us like the idea of destroying the environment with our buying habits but sometimes there’s a difficult choice to make between affordability and doing what’s best for future generations. Happily in this case there’s no need to choose between a clear conscience and a healthier hip pocket. By resurfacing rather than removing the existing fixtures renovators can have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that they are saving the environment from unnecessary landfill as well as saving themselves money. And don’t be fooled by the low price tag – in this case cheap doesn’t mean those hard-earned dollars are buying a short-lived ‘tart up’ that looks good today but is falling apart tomorrow. Not only are the finishes used in resurfacing highly attractive, they are also extremely durable and, with proper care, are designed to weather the rigours of family life for many years. With kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast homeowners have a fast and affordable option to keep their kitchen looking good for many years beyond its usual lifespan and that’s a better outcome for everyone.