When it comes to choosing appliances for kitchens Gold Coast homeowners are certainly spoilt for choice.  However with so many products on the market today it can sometimes be a challenge deciding on the best option.  Not only is it important to consider your budget and the features you want, but also how the appliances will be positioned and fitted.

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Multi-function oven by Platinum

Benefits of Built-In Appliances

For very contemporary kitchens Gold Coast residents will find that built-in appliances offer a sleek and linear style that is in keeping with the uninterrupted lines of the cabinets.  Unlike freestanding items, built-in appliances give a much cleaner look as they can be fitted flush with the benchtop or cabinet front.  Some appliances can be completely integrated and concealed behind door panels for the ultimate in design continuity, while others may be semi-integrated with just the control panel visible.

When choosing built-in appliances for kitchens Gold Coast renovators should ensure that they are pre-armed with accurate measurements for the kitchen units where the items will be installed before heading down to the local showroom.  Single ovens will typically require a space that measures W60 x H60 x D60cm, while double ovens need a little extra height at W60 x H90 x D60cm. If you need to replace an old double oven, then the space left is usually ideal to house a new single oven with a microwave above it.  Most hobs for Gold Coast kitchens will be 60cm wide, although they can go up to 90cm.

One of the latest trends in kitchen design is to combine several built-in appliances from the same product range into an eye-catching appliance bank.  For example, two ovens and a microwave oven might be positioned adjacent to one another to create both a stunning aesthetic and a highly practical kitchen work zone.

Whereas the oven, cooktop, rangehood and microwave were once the only appliances typically built into kitchens Gold Coast homeowners now have swags of luxury options available to them.  Steam cookers, coffee machines, integrated dishwashers and even teppanyaki grills are just some of the items that now come with the capacity to be fitted into cabinetry.

Advantages of Freestanding Appliances for Kitchens Gold Coast

One of the biggest advantages of freestanding appliances is their ease of installation – simply slot them in wherever there is a free space in the kitchen along with access to the necessary services.  Another benefit is that they can be rearranged as desired and even transported from one home to the next if the family decides to move.  In this way, freestanding appliances can be viewed as more of a long-term investment.

When it comes to choosing cooking appliances for kitchens Gold Coast foodie fanatics will probably prefer the capabilities of a freestanding stove over built-in models.  Many freestanding cookers offer professional cooktop elements such as wok-burners and griddles as well as larger oven capacities. Varying in size from 50-150cm in width, these sorts of ranges typically feature twin ovens with either electric or gas burners. It’s important to leave a gap of at least 5cm around freestanding stoves and you may require an electrician to install a designated oven power supply.

When renovating their kitchens Gold Coast homeowners can take advantage of the affordable package deals Renew Kitchens and Bathrooms offers on the Platinum appliance range.