When renovating small bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners can use these five tips to prove that bigger isn’t always better.


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This apartment bathroom proves small can be spectacular
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1.  Decide What Fixtures You Can’t Live Without

Just because your bathroom is on the small side, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without the luxuries that would be afforded by a larger space.  With clever design, you can still create a space that feels open and spacious even if it is not.  If you are planning to move fixtures and fittings as part of the renovation, start by deciding what you really need in your bathroom and what you are prepared to live without.  If your family is grown and you will rarely use the bathtub, then you may want to consider using that space for a larger and more luxurious shower cubicle. If you simply cannot live without a bathtub, consider scaling down your fittings and installing a shorter than usual bath.  These can often be more comfortable than full-length tubs anyway as they allow for a good foothold.


2.  Wall Hung Bathroom Fittings Increase Floor Space

If your floor space is at a premium, you may want to use wall-mounted fixtures to create the illusion of a larger, more spacious room.  Wall-hung vanities and basins lend an exciting, contemporary edge to the bathroom, and because the floor beneath them is still in view they can help the room to seem more streamlined and less cluttered.  When seeking to also add a toilet into the design for small bathrooms Gold Coast renovators may like to opt for one which features a wall-mounted pan with a concealed cistern for a very neat and non-protruding look.

3.  Mirrored Storage Can Create a Sense of Space

To create loads of a practical storage space and visually double the size of small bathrooms Gold Coast families should aim to install mirror-fronted cabinets.  Mirrored overhead cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling are ideal for stowing bathroom items out of the reach of little fingers while making the most of the space.  Floor to ceiling mirrored doors on storage cupboards are also a great option for hiding clutter but can be easily smeared and may require more regular cleaning.

4.  A Light Coloured Decorating Palette Reflects Light

Widely regarded as the most popular colour choice for bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners will find that they really can’t go wrong with a decorating palette based around white or similarly light colours. Light colours tend to open up a space, whereas the darker tones tend to be a lot cosier.  This is okay if you want to create the feel of a luxurious boudoir, otherwise stick to the lighter hues in your choice of tiles, fixtures and paint.  For an inexpensive makeover, try resurfacing your existing fixtures in a new, gleaming white acrylic coating that makes them look brand new. Reflective surfaces such as stainless steel, glass and chrome will also help to bounce light throughout the room, creating a bright and airy feel.

5.  Utilise Space-Saving Options to Open Up Small Bathrooms Gold Coast

Where space is limited a specially designed shower bath can provide the best of both worlds.  Another space-saving innovation is to have a semi-enclosed shower with just one panel of glass to contain the water jets, or you may want to consider the idea of a wet-room which has no enclosure whatsoever.  In order to free up floor space in small bathrooms Gold Coast renovators could also choose sliding options for entry doors, vanities and shower cubicles rather than regular doors.  Recessed shelving also makes great use of wall space and is a fantastic feature providing you keep clutter to a minimum.

By following these principles when renovating small bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners can create an open and spacious sanctuary that is not only practical but a pleasure to relax in.