When it comes time to plan much-needed renovations for kitchens Gold Coast renovators can benefit by thinking through some of the practical considerations of how the kitchen will function as well as how it will look.

The Work Triangle

When planning new kitchens Gold Coast designers typically try to incorporate certain elements in such a way that it forms what is commonly known as ‘the work triangle’. The work triangle allows for a seamless and unobstructed flow of kitchen activities so that food preparation can be quickly and easily carried out.

The Cleaning Zone – To create a work triangle between the fridge, cooktop and sink, start by positioning the sink first.  The sink will usually be the longest component to consider because it often includes two bowls and a drainage area. A dishwasher would also usually be sited near the sink to keep plumbing costs to a minimum so keep this in mind when choosing the position of the sink.

The Cooking Zone – Next place the oven and cooktop within a few steps of the sink so that you do not need to walk too far carrying hot pans.  The area between the cooktop and sink will be a busy food preparation area so try to plan a good-sized work surface in this spot.

The Storage Zone – For the finishing touch when planning kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should try to  position the refrigerator close to this food preparation area so that a handy triangular layout between all three zones is formed. Other storage units for drygoods should also be positioned nearby.

Four Different Layouts for Kitchens Gold Coast Homeowners Might Consider

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U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-Shaped Layout – This kind of design generally works best for a larger kitchen space and is ideal for creating plenty of good storage as well as optimal work flow and bench space.  For very large kitchens Gold Coast families should ensure that the distance between the points of the work triangle is not too far (roughly 1m is ideal). If you plan to use a u-shaped layout in a very small kitchen then you may want to consider some space-saving options to enhance the quality of motion.  Regular hinged doors can use up a lot of space when open in a small kitchen and can block workflow.  In this case you may want to consider sliding doors, or doors that fold back into the cupboard recess.



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L-Shaped kitchen with island undergoing renovation (cut-out in island for sink)

L-Shaped Layout – For smaller kitchens Gold Coast homeowners may find that the L-shaped layout is a far better option as it allows people to be able to move around each other whilst preparing food.  This design works well for corner kitchens and wherever you want to create a very open plan feel.  If you have a larger space to work with then you may also want to consider incorporating a trendy island bench that can be used as an extra food preparation surface and/or entertaining hub that can seat family and friends.  Alternatively you might like to include a dining table in the centre of your L-shaped layout.




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Galley style kitchen

Galley Layout – This is a very contemporary style for Gold Coast kitchens and is well-suited to long, narrow rooms.  Also known as parallel kitchens Gold Coast residents can expect to see this layout used in many new housing developments and local display homes. Galley kitchens are a perfect way to make the most of a small space, providing ample room for both food preparation and storage.  If your galley space is very tight, you may want to consider using integrated handgrips rather than handles so you can create a more spacious, streamlined appearance.




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Installation of a new single-line kitchen in a granny flat

Single-line layout – For really cramped quarters, the best option may be a single line layout which incorporates all the elements in one straight line.  A single line layout combined with a small island may also be a good option.

By considering these principles of space utilization when planning their kitchens Gold Coast homeowners will find that they have a more dynamic and functional area that will make food preparation all the more user-friendly and enjoyable.