When planning renovations for kitchens Gold Coast homeowners need to ensure that they think carefully about their storage requirements in relation to the way the kitchen is designed.

Most Gold Coast kitchen designers will divide the kitchen layout into three to five zones, incorporating storage in a way that will support workflow within the kitchen.  It is important in the planning phase to allow sufficient personal storage for both current and future requirements.   According to the 2011/12 HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms report, the average renovated kitchen is between 16-20 years old. Taking a long-term look at what your storage requirements might be this far into the future will result in a space that is likely to remain practical in the years to come.

kitchens gold coastDesigner Drawers

While it’s tempting to focus solely on the aesthetics of kitchens Gold Coast renovators who take the time to design their storage ergonomically will find the resulting efficiency and ease of motion in the kitchen a real plus.  Ergonomic design principles suggest that shelves in lower cabinets should be avoided where possible.  Shelves make it difficult to see or retrieve items at the back of the cabinet, so drawers are often a better option.  Four drawers will fit into the same space as two shelves in a standard base unit and will allow easy access to all contents.  When designing storage for kitchens Gold Coast families should match the size of the drawers to the items that will be stored within them (e.g. larger drawers for pans, smaller drawers for knives or spices).

Perfect Pull-outs and Dividers

For the ultimate quality of motion in kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should consider using pull-out units and inner dividers.  Tall pull-out units that fit behind one slim door provide an ideal storage solution for the many pantry items that would typically lurk untidy and forgotten at the back of the cupboard.  By selecting pull-out units with high backs and side walls you can gain as much as 55% more storage space. Full extending shelves are also available that can be pulled out to expose the contents so that there is no need to reach into the cupboard interior.  Inner dividers are the perfect way to keep things organized and can be adjusted to accommodate different sized items. It is best to store frequently used items in storage units just below or above the bench, whereas infrequently used items can be kept on the highest shelves of overhead cupboards or in the lowest regions of base units.

Supplementary Storage Solutions for Kitchens Gold Coast

Where clutter has taken over in existing kitchens Gold Coast families will find that moveable storage systems may prove an economical supplement to fixed storage solutions.  Drawer organizers, pantry caddies and stackable baskets can be slotted in where needed and trolleys can be wheeled into position placing cooking equipment within sight and reach.  A butcher’s block or contemporary island cabinet on wheels can be convenient for providing an extra work surface as well as additional storage. A chopping board that fits over the sink is another convenient way of extending your work surface.

Space-Saving Shelves, Racks, Rails and Hooks

Hanging storage is a space-saving alternative that can also help keep clutter at bay.  Ikea stock a range of racks, rails and hooks that are designed to free up bench space and accommodate everything from utensils to herb pots.  Ceiling-hung racks are suited to French provincial and country-style kitchens and are a convenient way to store pots and pans overhead.  Open shelving is another way to maximize storage where overhead cabinets would feel too oppressive or where a different design effect is desired, however items stored here need to be kept very tidy and will attract more dirt and grease than those stored inside cupboards.

In summary, when planning storage for kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should aim to provide plenty of ergonomic storage with fittings that will allow easy retrieval of items and maximize the use of space within the kitchen.