contemporary kitchens gold coast

Contemporary kitchen design
Photo credit: Saloni Eurocina

When it comes to contemporary kitchens Gold Coast renovators will find that design, efficiency and functionality is the key.

Contemporary kitchens are designed with the cook in mind, with a layout that is practical and makes cooking easier. If you are renovating your kitchen to get a more contemporary look and feel, an easy concept to keep in mind is that this can be accomplished by incorporating old elements with new elements to create a fresh, clean and updated look.

Appliances and Cabinets

When creating contemporary kitchens Gold Coast renovators should choose appliances that are simple and sleek such as stainless steel. Since this style uses clean lines and is minimalist in design, the appliances should be efficient and functional, yet uncluttered and free from decorations. Cabinets should also be sleek and free from decorative hardware. The ideal cabinetry in this type of kitchen does not have visible hardware and should be constructed from natural materials such as steel, glass or light woods.

Choosing Colour Palettes for Contemporary Kitchens Gold Coast

Decorating with a monochromatic colour palette is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add a contemporary look to your kitchen. Select colours for the counters, walls and cabinets that are in the same colour family, but in varying shades. Using the same colour tones will help the space appear larger, open and less obstructed. Splashes of colour can be used throughout the room for a bolder look. For example, if the primary colour is cream use a bold red or blue in small items such as towels, candles and/or tableware.


The lighting for a contemporary kitchen is a feature that is often overlooked however it is an important part of the decorating process. If choosing glass front cabinets for contemporary kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should consider installing small spotlights inside of the cabinetry to highlight dinnerware.  Alternatively, lights recessed under the cabinet will help to highlight the splashback. Overhead lights that are sleek, such as recessed can lighting works best in this design or a row of slim pendant lights. Avoid using large chandeliers or shades with flowery designs.

Mix Old with New

There should be a variety of natural elements included in contemporary kitchens and mixing old or recycled items with new, slim and sleek items will provide an upbeat, yet comfortable space. Splashbacks made from colourful recycled glass tiles are a great way to add colour, warmth and bring a new twist to something old.


When planning contemporary kitchens Gold Coast renovators need to think carefully about organization as this is a major design element of the style. The appliances, including the sink, refrigerator and stove should be easily accessed and ideally laid out in a triangle shape. Furniture should be limited and have a clean line design. All utensils, dishes and food items should be stored away until ready for use. Incorporating small appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker and jug in bright colours will add a pop of colour and make the counter space appear clutter free.

Your kitchen is typically the most popular space for gathering together with family and friends, so it should be comfortable and welcoming. When creating contemporary kitchens Gold Coast homeowners will be relieved to realise that old and new can be successfully blended to create a beautiful space and that this style does not have to be done completely in chrome.