When renovating small kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should consider a number of crucial points.  Rubbing shoulders with appliances and knocking ones elbows against pots and pans is hardly an idyllic scenario.

The first thought for many homeowners facing such a predicament is to flatten one wall and expand the entire kitchen. However, this is a costly long-term project requiring significant investment, which may not be a viable option.  So for simple space saving  ideas to add extra room, comfort and workability to small kitchens Gold Coast renovators should read on.

As difficult as it may seem, homeowners must sometimes own up to the fact that their kitchen is limited in size due to unavoidable circumstances. Thus, large appliances and decorative antiques will simply not fit here.  However, there are a number of tips for  working with the available space to create useful and aesthetically pleasant kitchens Gold Coast families will love. The rule of thumb is to be mindful of layout, storage and the elements of good interior design.

Here are a few tips on how to move ahead with remodeling cramped kitchens:

Streamlined Designs for Small Kitchens Gold Coast

When it comes to designing the layout of small kitchens Gold Coast homeowners should focus on the primary uses of the room: cooking, storage and cleaning. It’s better to locate the stove or gas cooker, refrigerator and sink in the same vicinity, to create a good workflow.

For very compact  kitchens  Gold Coast residents  may also find it’s better to opt for similarly compact appliances, such as a two burner flat cooker and a small single door refrigerator with or without the freezer compartment. One large sink is more efficient at saving space than two small ones. A shelf, hooks, cabinet or drawers can fit in the space below the sink. Do not leave this space unused!

Some kitchens also double up as dining rooms. For small kitchens Gold Coast owners should choose simple dining sets consisting of a table with armless chairs or stools. This dining setting should preferably match color with the entire kitchen to create an illusion of space.  A glass dining table is another great way to create a roomier feel and is a classy choice for upmarket kitchens Gold Coast.

Storage Solutions for Kitchens Gold Coast

It is easy to clutter a small kitchen, especially if the owner has numerous appliances and utensils.  When looking to create the ideal storage solution for such kitchens Gold Coast homeowners need to think upwards. Stackable cabinets are efficient space savers. They are ideal for keeping glassware, china and other delicate food and drink implements.

When it comes to organizing those small items that can easily clutter kitchens Gold Coast families will find trays and baskets invaluable. A slim fitting push and pull rack can be fitted to organize bottled spices and food garnishes. Open shelving is also ideal for saving space. These shelves with no upper cabinets can store a myriad of items and allow for easier retrieval. Homeowners can also fix detachable utensils hooks in appropriate places for hanging stuff. Howards Storage World at Helensvale and Robina is a great place to find excellent space-saving equipment and they even have an organised checklist for kitchens Gold Coast homeowners can download from their website at www.hsw.com.au.

Creating Space Illusions

To enlarge the appearance of tiny kitchens Gold Coast owners can also make use of some interior decorating optical tricks.  For instance, the use of recessed lighting under storage units and appliances often makes the kitchen appear roomier than it is.

By avoiding dark colours in cosy kitchens Gold Coast renovators can also create an added illusion of space. Lighter accents and patterns work best in small areas. Therefore, homeowners can go for light coloured shelves and cabinets, possibly with glass doors.  Renew’s kitchen resurfacing Gold Coast based business can apply a durable new coating to old dingy benchtops, tiles and cabinets that is both affordable and attractive.  Using diagonal patterns on floor tiles will also help to create an expansive look.

A small kitchen can seem like a big problem for homeowners. Yet, with a few of these handy  interior design tricks for compact kitchens Gold Coast renovators can make the room seem larger than it actually is. In summary, by using good layout and design, optical illusions and a few nifty storage solutions for kitchens Gold Coast homeowners can create a functional and fabulous foodie haven.