Having decided to leap into some kitchen renovations Gold Coast homeowners can take note of these four common mistakes which are regularly encountered by the experts and in so doing learn how to complete their own overhaul without unnecessary disappointment and expense.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

1.  Going with the latest colour trends

Just as trends change in the world of fashion on a regular basis, so do the trends in home décor.  However, unlike an item of clothing that can be tucked into the back of the cupboard or recycled when it’s no longer in fashion, a kitchen is something that will be seen on a daily basis for many years to come.  While it’s great to be inspired by the emerging colour and design trends showcased in home decorating magazines, it can sometimes be a mistake to incorporate the most up-to-the-minute fashions in hard fixtures.  In order to get long-term value for money when embarking on kitchen renovations Gold Coast families can often find it more effective to stick with more conservative designs for cupboards and benchtops while incorporating colour and style trends into the elements that can be more easily updated.  This is also especially important if the house is to be sold upon completion of the renovations.

2.  Incorrect placement of kitchen workspaces

The placement of the refrigerator, the stove and the sink in relation to work areas and each other is of great importance if you want to create a kitchen is that is functional and enjoyable to cook in.  Ideally these three items should form a triangle with enough space between them that people will not be tripping over each other when trying to work together in the kitchen.  Conversely, when the triangle is too large, it can make the simple work of food preparation a whole bunch more exhausting than it needs to be because you spend all your time walking back and forth to retrieve items.  The sink is the most important area of all.  When planning kitchen renovations Gold Coast residents should try to allow for plenty of bench space in relation to the sink as well as providing easy access to the other zones.

3.  Trying to save money by not incorporating a splashback into kitchen renovations Gold Coast

Experts agree that kitchen renovations can be amongst the most costly improvements we can make to our home.  While it can be tempting to cut corners and opt for a decorative paint job or a bare wall behind the kitchen benchtops, in the end this decision may actually prove to be more costly.  Kitchen splashbacks are designed specifically for the purpose of protecting the walls from food stains, grease, water and steam.  Can you imagine trying to clean cooking splatters off paint or wallpaper?  To get a long-lasting result from their kitchen renovations Gold Coast families should always ensure they install a splashback over the stove and benchtops.

4.  Inadequate storage and bench space

With so many gadgets and gismos needed to serve up a feast for the family, it is essential that kitchens have plenty of storage space.  When there is inadequate storage, clutter can begin to accumulate on benches and cause a related decline in countertop workspace as well.  When planning for kitchen renovations Gold Coast homeowners can provide maximum storage by opting for overhead cupboards that extend all the way to the ceiling.  Adding an island to a larger L-shaped kitchen can also be a clever way to gain both storage and bench space, as well as creating a social hub where friends and family can gather and chat with the cook.

In summary, when undertaking kitchen renovations Gold Coast homeowners can avoid the common mistakes most renovators make by incorporating the work triangle principles into a more conservative kitchen design with an effective splashback and plenty of storage and work space.