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Kitchen Renovations: Gold Coast Guide to Budget-Friendly Makeovers

When it comes to kitchen renovations Gold Coast families will be relieved to hear that there are many clever ways to keep costs down. In this article we’ll show you a few of our trade secrets for creating an eye-popping kitchen makeover on a budget.

Costs were kept to a minimum on this kitchen renovation by utilising the existing cabinet boxes and refacing them with a high gloss laminate and new handles.  The old benchtop was replaced with this classy stone-look one, which is also a laminate finish.  
Kitchen renovations Gold Coast
Although building estimators suggest that costs for complete kitchen makeovers in this area of Australia range from $11,000 to $33,000  (as long as the room to be revamped is structurally sound and has good access) savvy renovators can accomplish an outstanding overhaul with far fewer funds than this. Providing they are prepared to apply the time and effort required to source a discount for their kitchen renovations Gold Coast householders will be delighted with the results they can achieve with as little as a third of this building budget.

Maximising Your Budget For Kitchen Renovations

When planning their kitchen renovations Gold Coast residents should be aware that any changes to plumbing or gas lines will prove expensive.  It is therefore far more cost-effective to focus on making cosmetic changes, rather than attempting to move the location of fixtures like sinks, stoves and cabinets. By prioritising spending on the items that will provide the biggest facelift during the kitchen renovations Gold Coast renovators can ensure they get the biggest bang for their bucks.

Never underestimate the difference some new paint or wallpaper can make. In this area of the world, the kitchen tends to be contemporary in style, with plenty of natural light and airflow thanks to the city’s subtropical climate and beachside location.  So when choosing colour schemes for their kitchen renovations Gold Coast families would do well to opt for light-coloured palettes since they suit the relaxed local lifestyle and help the room to feel cool, spacious and modern.

Refinishing or Refacing Fixtures

Did you know that apart from the walls, paint can also be applied to splashback tiles, cupboard doors and even countertops thanks to new specialty coating products which have come onto the market?  This is an excellent inexpensive makeover option but before anyone rushes off to the hardware store for some DIY products we have a few words of caution.  When undertaking kitchen renovations Gold Coast renovators often find that it’s very difficult to achieve a professional finish that is free from brush strokes, runs or uneven coverage. Even with the benefit of specialised trade equipment, trade quality products and years of practise, achieving a flawless finish is an artform.  We receive many calls from people who would like us to rectify a botched DIY attempt to repaint cupboards or tiles but unfortunately once there’s paint on a surface there’s little that can be done other than ripping it out and starting over.   

Another point of caution is that any self-applied products are not likely to be a long-term option because of the area’s hot, humid climate.  This, combined with the additional humidity and steam generated by cooking processes, can cause DIY paint products to peel within a short period of time.   The good news is that for long-lasting kitchen renovations Gold Coast resurfacing technicians can apply a far more durable, purpose-made coating at a very competitive price.  For a fraction of the cost of traditional kitchen renovations Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing can spray cupboards and tiles with an acrylic coating so that they look like new and the attractive finish is guaranteed to last for years.

The pale pink cabinets, wooden knobs and decal pattern on the splashback tiles dated this kitchen in the eighties.  By resurfacing the cabinets and splashback in gloss white two pack and adding new aluminium handles we were able to create an effective kitchen makeover without breaking the bank.  
kitchen makeovers Gold Coast

Best Hardware for Kitchen Renovations on the Gold Coast

Hardware is another inexpensive but important factor to consider.  When undertaking kitchen renovations Gold Coast renovators will find that trends currently favour the use of stainless steel or matte black finishes for handles, knobs and hinges.  Hardware fashions tend to change every seven years, so it’s important to ensure that both handles and taps are updated in the revamp. If your budget can stretch a little further get a new sink to complete your hardware upgrade.  Often that old sink that our clients are set on keeping to keep costs down looks out of place once the kitchen renovation is complete.  Modern sinks tend to be more compact than those from yesteryear so a new one will not only look fantastic but will give you more usable bench space.     Appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and ovens are typically big budget items, but that doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the wish-list. For low-cost kitchen renovations  Gold Coast residents can often source these items at a discount from the local auctions, scratch and dent sales, or end- of-range run outs.

In summary, when wanting to create bargain-basement yet beautiful kitchen renovations Gold Coast renovators can save substantially by retaining their current layout and giving their existing fixtures a new lease of life with calming colours, handsome hardware and affordable appliances.  Give us a call today to see what’s possible. We can create amazing makeovers ranging from a simple respray of your fittings to a totally new dream kitchen complete with custom cabinetry, glass splashbacks and swish new countertops in stone or laminex.  

This article was updated on 31/10/18.