When deciding on the perfect design for the kitchen Gold Coast homeowners will find it hard to beat contemporary country style  for warmth and a homely touch.

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Urban rustic style by Nieburg
Photo credit: Kuechenmiele

Kitchens tend to be a favorite room for friends and family to congregate in and nothing encourages this sense of connection more than a farmhouse design.   Many people have the misconception that this look is suited only to rural properties or a home that was built in the 1900’s, but this is simply not the case. With these simple tips even the most modern of homes can enjoy the ambience of a warm, inviting country kitchen.


For the most authentic looking country kitchen Gold Coast renovators can opt for natural flooring materials such as wooden planks, stone or slate. If you are on a budget, consider installing linoleum or tiles in a checkerboard pattern. A large braided rug will also add colour and suggest a rural look.


There are several different options to choose from for the walls that will give the room a country design. For a warm, shaker style kitchen Gold Coast families should choose earth tone paint colours including dark reds, browns, tan or cream white. Brighter colours such as yellows, blues, greens, pinks and white can also be incorporated into a country design when you use accessories, trims and furniture to offset the crisp, bright paint colours. Wallpaper with small prints also looks great in a country design. To break up the pattern of the wallpaper, only paper the bottom half of the wall, install a chair rail and paint the upper half of the wall in a coordinating colour.


Tin tiles look fantastic behind the oven or above the sink. If you prefer to use ceramic tiles, choose a darker colour that compliments the wall paint and add a tile here and there with a small design in the centre to break up the solid colour. Recycled glass tiles are also perfect options for a country kitchen, especially when you choose pale blues, greens and oranges or a combination of colours that offset the wall paint.


The cupboards are more than a place to store the china; they are a statement of the overall design. Glass front cupboards are ideal for a country kitchen design as are 2-pack finished cabinets in white or cream. If you prefer wood, opt for a natural wood or stain them in a dark cherry. Country cabinets should either be naturally light or very dark for the most aesthetic appearance. Changing only the draw pulls and handles is a quick way to spruce up the cabinets for very little money. For an authentic looking country kitchen Gold Coast renovators should choose handles and pulls that are made from brass, brushed nickel, porcelain or aged bronze.  If you currently have granite counter tops and want a rustic country look, simply stain the existing cabinets. If there is room in the kitchen, add a corner cupboard with open shelves or make use of decorative baskets on top of cabinets for storage.


Whenever possible, windows should be left uncovered or with just a decorative valance at the top of the window.  Those living in the suburbs may not find this feasible, so curtains can be used as long as they are are of a light fabric such as lace or sheer.


For an eat-in kitchen Gold Coast homeowners should choose a table, chairs and other furnishings that are made from natural woods or wicker. Some of the best furniture to decorate a country designed kitchen can be found in second hand stores, brought home and refinished to look old and worn. Chair covers with a print or a solid canvas material will tie the look together.


Sinks that are white porcelain and extra deep have the best look in a country inspired kitchen. Replacing the taps is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to transform a modern kitchen into a cosy country inspired space. Choose faucets that are brass or rubbed bronze with glass or wooden handles.

Accessorizing your country kitchen Gold Coast style

For an easy and useful way to accessorize the kitchen Gold Coast families can hang a pot rack above the cooking area. Fill the rack with brass bottom pans or cast iron, but avoid hanging shiny new, chrome or steel pots and pans.

Most country kitchens have knick knacks, but try to keep the small items to a minimum. Opt for larger pottery vases and wicker baskets. Hang a few signs on the walls that resemble old, tin signs. For some excellent ideas on country accessories, shop in local secondhand stores or flea markets.

The goal is to have a warm, inviting area where everyone will want to gather for cooking, family night or socializing. Changing a modern kitchen to a country kitchen is an easy makeover, but you should avoid using cliches such as gingham tablecloths and loud flowery curtains. Do not get overly matching; instead create a cosy country kitchen with a punch of colour here and there alongside some rustic accessories. To create a more modern twist on the country kitchen Gold Coast homeowners can mix a few traditional elements with modern fixtures and keep the tones light, crisp and airy.