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Kitchen Cabinets Gold Coast: Replace, reface or resurface?

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When wanting to update tired and drab-looking kitchen cabinets Gold Coast renovators have many options they can turn to.  Most people are familiar with the typical renovation process of ripping everything out and starting over again from scratch, but did you know that there are actually a few other clever renovation strategies that can save you a packet, nix the mess and have your kitchen looking brand new again?  Refacing and resurfacing are two little-known alternatives to replacing that can help you to add instant beauty to your kitchen and achieve an attractive result even if you’re on a budget.
This very outdated kitchen in a granny flat in Shailer Park had the cabinets refaced and the benchtop replaced to modernise it and improve the presentation of the home when selling
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What is refacing?

Kitchen refacing involves stripping the doors, drawer fronts and fixed panels off your existing cabinet carcasses and replacing them with new materials.  Provided your base cabinets are structurally sound they should be suitable to undergo a refacing makeover.  In order to pursue this route in your renovations you will first need to inspect your cabinets and make sure that they are not warped, broken or water-damaged.  Where deterioration of this sort is evident in kitchen cabinets Gold Coast families may need to consider reverting to a complete rebuild. Refacing is also a great solution if you are happy with the layout of your kitchen and just want to freshen things up.

How is it done?

Although some DIY renovators like to tackle their own kitchen refacing project, the process is somewhat tricky and can have lots of room for expensive errors.  Most people will prefer to have a professional undertake the job.  Your tradesperson will measure up the existing doors, panels and drawer fronts and order replacements in the finish of your choice. They will then remove and dump the old cabinet doors and install the new ones, along with any new hardware and handles that you would like to have fitted.  Replacing the drawer runners at the same time is highly recommended.  With older kitchen cabinets Gold Coast homeowners will often find that the runners start to deteriorate, making it awkward to get access to drawer contents.

What options are available for refacing kitchen cabinets Gold Coast?

When opting to reface kitchen cabinets Gold Coast homeowners will find that  the design options are almost endless.  You have the choice of a huge array of laminex finishes in a multitude of colours and textures.  You can also opt for an ultra high gloss decorative board which is perfect for uber modern designs.  Where a more a traditional look is preferred, wooden doors and panels can be fitted.

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Resurfacing gave this Gold Coast kitchen the facelift it needed to look crisp and appealing once more
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What’s the difference between refacing and resurfacing?

Whereas refacing involves the removal of the exterior cabinet elements, kitchen resurfacing simply focuses on modernizing those elements through the application of a unique acrylic paint system.  To prepare the kitchen cabinets Gold Coast resurfacing technicians employ purpose-made chemicals and a meticulous cleaning and sanding routine.  They then use specialty spraying equipment to apply an acrylic coating which has been engineered specifically to adhere to kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  Because this method of renovation requires custom products and professional expertise to achieve a long-lasting, ‘as-new’ appearance, it is best to consult a professional resurfacing company to undertake the work for you.

For resurfacing to be successful your existing cabinet doors and panels must be in reasonably good shape.  Scratches, holes and scorch marks can generally be repaired, however if there is splitting or swelling due to water damage it will be necessary to replace the damaged fittings with new ones.

Kitchen resurfacing can provide a perfect face-lift for cabinets that have become faded or outdated in their colour scheme.  Colour options are virtually unlimited, allowing for infinite creativity in your interior design.  The effect is that of two-pack, with finishes in either satin or gloss.  White, off-white or creamy tones are generally the most popular colours chosen for resurfaced cupboards are these neutral tones are easy to match with surrounding decor.

In summary, for an inexpensive quick-fix for kitchen cabinets Gold Coast homeowners will find that refacing and resurfacing are two fantastic options that can help turn drab into fab in no time flat.  To find out more about how refacing, resurfacing or remodeling could transform your kitchen, visit our kitchen renovations page and give us a call on 1300 853 015 to book a free consultation and quote.
This article was updated on 19 October 2018.