When installing new kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will need to decide not only on the overall material and shape of the counter, but also on a style for the edge.

While the edge profile may sound insignificant in the overall scheme of a complete kitchen overhaul, it is the coordination of these little details that will help to define your kitchen’s unique style.  In this article we will discuss some of the different edge styles available for a number of different countertop materials.

Profiles for Benchtops Gold Coast

Square edge – The standard edge in benchtops is typically a 2-3cm square profile.  This is an ideal option for modern kitchens where a streamlined aesthetic is called for.  It can also be a good choice for kitchens that feature a dramatic colour scheme or a particular element that is designed to draw the eye.  Too many attention-grabbing details in a small space can make the room seem busy, so a simple square edge is the perfect solution if you want to keep things clean and unfussy.

Mitred edge – When wanting a chunkier look for their benchtops Gold Coast renovators can turn to a mitred edge profile to create the appearance of extra thickness.  A mitred edge is created by attaching an additional trimming of varying length to the standard 2cm thickness of benchtop material, making it look thicker than it actually is.  This helps to save costs on stone benchtops since a chunkier, seamless aesthetic can be achieved without having to make the entire countertop thicker and heavier.

Waterfall edge – The waterfall edge is a very popular element in today’s contemporary kitchen.  As the name suggests, this edge profile features a vertical drop of stone continuing over the edge of the island and running all the way to the floor to make a dramatic statement.

Bullnose edge – Another classic edge profile for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners tend to favour is the bullnose profile.  This rounded profile is typically seen on everything from Laminex countertops to stone and even timber benchtops.  Choose a bullnose edge when you want to create a more traditional feel in the kitchen.

Marine edge benchtop

Marine edge benchtop
Photo: Specialty Stainless

Marine edge – This design is often found on stainless steel and stone countertops.  It features a raised front edge that creates a lip to prevent liquid spills from cascading over the edge of the bench.

Ogee edge – This is a more traditional benchtop profile that looks fabulous in classical kitchens.  Its gently curving form is wonderful to accent an island bench, especially when contrasted with a simple square edge on the surrounding benchtops.

This is just a small sample of the many different edge treatments available for kitchen benchtops, and many of these styles can be mixed and matched to create more unique profiles


When choosing edge profiles for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners need to consider the three main factors of style, price and maintenance.  The best style will be the one which is in harmony with the overall appearance and theme of the kitchen.  Price is also a consideration, since some of the more elaborate edge styles are more costly to create than others. And finally, when choosing profiles for benchtops Gold Coast renovators should think about the creasing and curvature of the design, since some fancy edge styles may require more maintenance than the simple profiles

Benchtops Gold Coast

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