When looking for bathroom vanities Gold Coast renovators have some exciting designs to choose from.

While the basic free-standing storage units are still a cheap and cheerful option for those on a budget, vanities have evolved to include more artistic signature pieces designed to provide a focal point for luxury bathrooms. From custom floating shelves of zen-like perfection to organically shaped stone basins perched upon natural wooden countertops, designers are transforming the humble vanity from merely somewhere to store toiletries to a unique decorative element in a very personal and private retreat for cleansing and rejuvenation.

What to Consider When Updating Vanities Gold Coast

vanities Gold Coast

Bathroom vanity before resurfacing of top

vanities Gold Coast

Bathroom vanity after resurfacing of top

If your vanity is starting to date but you’d prefer not to undertake a full bathroom renovation, then resurfacing of the vanity basin, top and cabinets may be a great option.  Although pricing is around the same cost as a basic replacement unit, by resurfacing instead of replacing their vanities Gold Coast residents can avoid the hassle associated with removing and dumping the old vanity, changing the plumbing and trying to match new tiles with existing tiles. What’s more, resurfacing can be accomplished within a single day, with the end result being very difficult to distinguish from a new shop-bought item.


Alternatively, when buying new vanities Gold Coast homeowners need to first of all consider their storage requirements.  It pays to think about the items that will be used on a daily basis and then decide which things you wish to display and which bits you want to hide away.  Whatever style of vanity you choose, be sure that it can adequately cater to these storage needs. Floor mounted vanities typically offer the most storage space, while wall-hung and floating units make up for their limited storage space by providing enticing display opportunities and a stunning minimalist look. Glass shelves and lit alcoves can also provide eye-catching storage alternatives where cabinet space is limited.

One hot trend in vanities Gold Coast buyers prefer is the shift to having a number of drawers in place of doors on their cabinets.  Unlike the back parts of deep cupboard shelves, drawers provide easy access to all of their contents and are particularly useful for storing make-up, toiletries and other small items.

The style of basin is another important choice with options including self-rimming, semi-recessed and top mounted.  Self-rimming basins are the familiar, economical choice and a favourite with families, while semi-recessed basins are a suitable selection when you want to save on space with narrower cabinetry.  Top-mounted basins are also very popular, with designers now utilising organic shapes and embracing the textural qualities of natural materials. Integrated basins made from stone or composite materials are also a popular choice for high-end bathrooms.  Depending on who will use the bathroom, you may want to consider installing dual basins to make bathroom peak hour a little less stressful.

Tapware can lend a sculptural air to any bathroom composition and is the finishing touch for a beautiful vanity.  When buying tapware for their vanities Gold Coast renovators need to ensure that the style harmonises with the chosen cabinetry and basins, and that it does not obstruct the opening of any overhead cabinet doors. Tapware trends change roughly every seven years, so it is important not to skimp in this area when undertaking an overhaul.

In summary, when buying vanities Gold Coast homeowners need to think about the needs of those using the bathroom, their storage requirements, and the suitability of basins, tapware and finishes to achieve the desired result.