Gold Coast bathroom renovations

This bathroom has been resurfaced for easy cleaning

Gold Coast bathroom renovations are typically planned around considerations such as layout, colour scheme, latest trends and, of course, the budget for the makeover.  One factor that is generally not on the top of the remodelling checklist for most homeowners is whether or not the new design and materials make for easy cleaning.

While it’s important to think about comfort and luxury, especially if you prefer a spa-like atmosphere, the best Gold Coast bathroom renovations will make sure the space is also designed to stay clean, hygienic and attractive for many years to come with minimal effort on the part of the owners. These tips will help you to incorporate a relaxing yet easy to clean layout into the same room.



Easy-Clean Surfaces for Gold Coast Bathroom Renovations

Although the walls and floor may not be the most difficult areas of the bathroom to clean, they do make up the largest portion of the room.  Armed with a little bit of know-how, you can select surfaces that combine beauty with easy maintenance. Grout is one of the chief culprits that causes bathrooms to look grotty and aged.  The less grout you have to use, the easier it will be to clean tiled floors and walls. Instead of using mosaic or standard sized tiles, try choosing the larger styles. For small Gold Coast bathroom renovations the added bonus is that large tiles will make the space look bigger.  Here’s another piece of good news – porcelain tiles are not only cheaper than stone tiles, they are also easier to clean.  There are now so many great stone tile look-alike options out there on the market, you can still get the same glamour factor but without the hefty price tag and maintenance headaches.

For the walls you may like to consider having a solid, grout free surface. Walls clad with toughened, coloured glass are now a popular feature in many Gold Coast bathroom renovations, especially in the shower cubicle.  For a less expensive option, you might want to think about resurfacing as an alternative to refitting.  In the process of tile and bath resurfacing Gold Coast applicators spray the existing fixtures with a very tough acrylic paint that is especially designed to bond to bathroom surfaces. Because the glossy, impermeable paint covers both the tile and the grout lines, there is no longer a porous surface for mould to get foothold on.  The result is a bright and beautiful bathroom that looks as good as new and is super easy to keep clean.

When planning Gold Coast bathroom renovations, it’s important to also think about the areas of the wall that do not need tiles.  These will be easier to clean if they are painted with a semi-gloss paint that is specially designed to withstand heat and humidity.

Low Maintenance Shower Designs

The ultimate in easy-clean Gold Coast bathroom renovations are those that do not have glass shower doors. Not only is the glass difficult to keep clean, but it is almost impossible to prevent soap scrum and dirt from building up in the aluminium frame that holds the doors. The best solution is to use a frameless glass panel for a screen. If you are on a budget you can also try a decorative shower curtain that can be removed and put in the washing machine when needed. Installing a hand held shower head is not only convenient for showering, but it also makes it easier to spray down the walls and bathtub after each use.

Adequate Air Flow Considerations

Correct ventilation in the bathroom is an important step in creating low maintenance designs. Without ventilation the bathroom will not be able to prevent the moisture from collecting in the air and on surfaces, which can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. An exhaust fan will not only help draw the moisture out, but it is also beneficial in reducing the amount of dust build-up.  You may also want to think about having a window that can allow both good natural light and cross-ventilation for the room.


It is sometimes difficult to forgo the wall decorations and knick knacks that are typically found in bathrooms, but for an easy to clean bathroom, less is best.  The fewer pictures and accessories you have, the less dust and dirt there will be. Dust gravitates to items hung on the walls, so limit the wall items to a few simple pictures and one or two stylish towel racks. Open shelves and niches look very glamorous, but will require more maintenance than bathroom vanities and cabinets with doors.

Bathrooms are one of the highest traffic areas in the home, so it is important that you do some basic cleaning such as rinsing the sink and bathtub on a daily basis.  Aim to conduct a thorough cleaning at least once each week to disinfect the fixtures, shower walls and floor. Easy-clean bathroom designs are meant for light maintenance, without excessive scrubbing, so if you stick to a regular routine your bathroom will stay sparkling clean.  By following these principles when undertaking your Gold Coast bathroom renovations you will find that you save not only elbow grease, but also time and money too.