In anticipation of the many new innovations ready to be unveiled at the upcoming Brisbane Home Show, we take a peek at the kind of kitchen Gold Coast homeowners can expect to be at home with in the house of tomorrow.

New Gadgets for the Kitchen Gold Coast Foodies Will Love

All those Jetson’s cartoon fans who’ve  ever dreamed of owning their own ‘automatic food preparer’ can expect to take one step closer to a space-age cooking experience with some of the gadgets and appliances that are in the development pipeline.  Liquid nitrogen cooking is one arena that is gaining in popularity with chefs thanks to the ability it offers to whip up instant desserts, flash freeze ingredients and create interesting textures and effects for presentation.  Although current liquid nitrogen cooking equipment is geared more for the commercial kitchen Gold Coast gastronomes can look forward to the release of appliances designed for domestic use in the not-too-distant future.


The Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven
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Sous-Vide water ovens are another innovation for the kitchen Gold Coast gourmands will not want to be without.  These appliances are designed to slow cook food in vacuum sealed pouches immersed in water at a precisely controlled temperature.  This healthy method of cooking locks in nutrients while creating amazing textures and flavours.  The Sous-Vide Supreme, a water oven about the size of a breadmaker that is designed for home use, is now available in Australia and retails for around $850 + GST. Similarly predicted to be a new favourite in the kitchen Gold Coast trends indicate that more and more households are opting for the health and convenience offered by steam ovens or combination steam ovens.  These allow the home chef to preserve the taste, texture and nutritional content of foods by injecting steam produced in a separate chamber into the oven cavity. Several different kinds of foods can be cooked in the oven at once with absolutely no mixing of flavours between food groups.

Induction cooktops are also gaining more and more momentum with Gold Coast kitchen designers, replacing gas hobs as an efficient cooking method that offers precise temperature control as well as being a cleaner, safer way to cook. 

Design Directions for Gold Coast Kitchens

Whereas stainless steel has been the top choice of finish for appliances in the kitchen Gold Coast homeowners can now expect to see a shift towards black appliances.  Driven by strong European trends, black is appearing as a preferred colour in refrigerators and ovens, and the trend is even making its way into the bathroom with black toilets, bathtubs and basins also appearing on the market. 

Integration of appliances is another key trend that continues to grow in favour with local residents.  With a move towards sleek minimalism in the kitchen Gold Coast homeowners are opting for a streamlined look that integrates appliances as part of the cabinetry, either relegating door handles to a lowly state of existence as recessed aluminium fingerholds or abolishing them altogether.


Laminex compact laminate kitchen
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When it comes to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast designers are taking their cues from Milan and starting to turn out slim countertops in compact laminates or the thinnest slivers of stone.  Benchtop designs featuring mixed materials and textures such as stone combined with wood, stainless steel or solid surfaces in asymmetrical configurations are also on the cutting edge.  Thanks to the huge environmental influence that is marking a return to more natural materials in the bathroom and kitchen Gold Coast homeowners can expect to see timber benchtops making a comeback.  Huge planks and slabs of timber featuring amazing grains or saw marks are on trend when wanting to create a raw and rustic urban feel in the kitchen. Whereas the darker wood tones have been popular for some time, the lighter coloured and grey-toned woods are now coming into favour as well.

To see more innovations  and up-to-the minute trends for the bathroom and kitchen Gold Coast renovators can head to the Brisbane Home Show being held at the RNA showgrounds from the 6-9 September 2012.