To conjure up a feeling of romance and create the ooh-la-la factor in the kitchen Gold Coast homeowners can say bonjour to the beautiful French Provincial style of decorating.

If you love the scent of lavender, rosemary and pine, visiting the farmer’s market for the freshest local produce and gathering the family together around the kitchen table to share a hearty meal, then chances are you’ll love the French provincial style of kitchen design.  Originating in the countryside of the south of France, French provincial design is more than just a style of decorating – it is a lifestyle that embraces the senses and invokes a real sense of history and community.

How to Create a French Provincial Kitchen Gold Coast Families Can Feel At Home In

When wanting to create a French provincial style kitchen Gold Coast homeowners should aim to combine their design elements in such a way that it creates a warm and welcoming ambience.  Casual elegance is the signature theme of the French provincial look and this can be achieved by mixing a number of classically styled pieces along with some charmingly quaint decorator items.


When it comes to choosing cabinetry for the French provincial kitchen Gold Coast renovators should opt for panelled doors with decorative mouldings in a 2-pack or shabby chic handpainted finish.  Wrought iron handles and knobs will work best with this look.   To add to the warmth of the room, choose the softer, chalky white and off-white tones for cupboards and complement these with accessories in faded and muted tones.  Draw on the beautiful colour schemes of the impressionist painters or the earthy hues of the French countryside when assembling your collection of accent items.  Other colours common in this design theme include French blue and rose which pair quite nicely with warmer shades of white.

On-wall cabinetry can be open or feature beautiful and stylish glass facades. This will allow you to display heirloom pieces passed down through generations or a host of decorative dishware, baking tins and moulds.  Jars of decorative pickled vegetables and homemade preserves also look wonderful displayed on shelving.

Freestanding wooden hutches and buffets can be utilized as well. These offer tons of storage for the kitchen Gold Coast homeowners will find extremely practical as well as a great design feature. Some pieces can even be crafted to your specifications if you have a certain piece in mind.  A kitchen done in this style can feature any eclectic mixture of cabinetry so don’t be afraid of mixing and matching to get a great result.  Remember – it’s the special combination of curved and straight lines, the classical paired with rustic details, the play between the formal and the informal that gives the French provincial kitchen its delightful sense of whimsy.


When selecting the benchtop material for a French provincial kitchen Gold Coast designers would typically go for stone or timber.  These natural elements serve to reconnect the cook with the rural origins of the food that is being prepared.  Elaborate, carved corbels are ideal to place under the benchtop or as brackets for open wall shelving. If you have the space for it, a rustic dining table can be placed in the centre of the kitchen, or alternatively a decorative island bench with intricate turned and fluted columns at the corners would be ideal.  You may also want to consider incorporating a wine rack into your island bench.  Hanging pot racks can be mounted over benches and these are a practical and charming way of displaying copper, cast iron or enamelled cookware and utensils.


Seating areas can be created around an island bench by bringing in chairs and this offers homeowners a cosy spot where family and friends can talk and eat.  Another seating area can be created by installing a corner nook complete with benches. Choose a fabric for your upholstery and accent cushions in a colour that coordinates with the remainder of the kitchen. Embroidered, chequered or chinoiserie fabric is a great style touch that personalizes the space and is a signature of this design style.


Tiled splashbacks are a common feature of the French provincial kitchen Gold Coast homeowners will want to adopt.  These typically involve medium-sized square tiles with a feature panel above the cooktop depicting either fresh produce or a scene from the countryside.  Another option is splashback tiles with colourful patterns based on Moorish designs.  Rustic terracotta pottery placed on benchtops  is a fabulous way to complement your French provincial tilework.


Sunlight bathes the French countryside so when wanting to create a French provincial kitchen Gold Coast renovators need to ensure that they have allowed for plenty of natural light to enter the area.  Rooms that feature natural lighting will feel warm and inviting. Consider using French doors in the renovation as these are one touch that can brighten the room and also spark conversation. They are a great way to use reclaimed materials from local area suppliers and this approach to reconnecting with the past also goes hand in hand with the French provincial philosophy. For evening illumination, wrought iron chandeliers or lanterns are another picturesque finishing touch that look wonderful floating overhead.


Finally, when creating a French provincial kitchen Gold Coast homeowners need to think carefully about their choice of flooring. Your renovated kitchen should have a great floor to tie the space together. Timber floors are a good option as they introduce a natural design element that is at home with the rustic roots of this design philosophy.  Timber flooring draws the eye downward and provides an inviting aesthetic that entices people into the room.  Parquetry flooring is another useful option and this is especially suitable when a more upmarket atmosphere is desired.

To sum it all up, when wanting to craft a warm and inviting kitchen Gold Coast families will feel compelled to gather together and relax in, a renovation done in the French provincial design is the perfect way to create a comfortable and welcoming space.