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Moroccan style kitchen
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To create a stylish space and introduce a taste of the exotic into their kitchens Gold Coast homeowners don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a full-blown renovation.  With a few well-chosen accessories and some inspirational decorating ideas drawn from the sultry souks of Marrakesh it’s easy to spice things up and bring the sumptuous good looks of Morocco into your home.




1.  Daub your walls in spicy, textured finishes

Think of Arabian nights, deserts and spices when it comes to choosing the colour and texture of your walls.  Moroccan style is very rustic so by adding an earthy texture to the walls in their kitchens Gold Coast renovators can start to recreate the feel of an ancient, sand-swept city such as Fez.  You can use suede or stone effects paint to achieve this kind of textural quality quickly and inexpensively. Stick to a warm, spicy colour palette and you won’t go wrong, although most deep, rich hues will also work with this sort of theme.  Cobalt blue is another colour that is very dominant in Moroccan décor and this looks wonderful as an accent.

2.  Add a pop of colour with lavishly patterned tiles


kitchens gold coast

Zellige tile splashback
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Morocco’s Moorish influences are very evident in the distinctive patterned tilework that adorns its buildings everywhere.  To create a unique and striking feature in their kitchens Gold Coast homeowners could try using zellige tiles as a splashback or as a feature panel above the cooktop.  Moroccan architecture often incorporates whole walls of these intricate tile patterns, so if you love the look there are some great mosaic wall-papers that have been released this season that will allow you to emulate it in your home.  Brightly patterned tiles can also be used on the floor, but simple terracotta tiles will work just as well.  Tiles are used extensively on furniture in Morocco so if you like to DIY you could try your hand at mosaicking a table-top or a perhaps a tray.



3.  Use a magic carpet to transform kitchens Gold Coast into Moroccan masterpieces

Textiles are another important component of Moroccan design and this is where you can let your imagination run wild with images of Bedouin tents.  Floaty fabrics will look great as window dressings while silks, brocades and braided trims are right at home as accents in this theme.  When wanting to add a touch of luxury to their Moroccan-inspired kitchens Gold Coast families can opt for a Persian rug underfoot or displayed as a wall hanging.  Simple cotton napkins and tablecloths that have been embroidered with rich colours and lavish patterns make the perfect finishing touch.

4.  Incorporate rustic fittings and furnishings

Natural, rustic materials like wood and stone reflect the enduring nature of Moroccan traditions and culture.  To create an authentically Moroccan feel in their kitchens Gold Coast renovators can incorporate these materials into their cabinetry and countertops.  Carved wood and fretwork are design features that are very characteristic of the region.  Alternatively, painting cupboards or furniture deep green is another inexpensive way to turn the heat up and introduce some Moroccan ambience.  Wrought iron handles and accessories will complement this style perfectly.

5.  Accessorise with beautiful bazaar wares

kitchens gold coast

Accessorize with silver and copper teapots and trays
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Buy colourful patterned plates and platters to display on walls and shelves, exotic tagines, copper trays and teapots and coloured glassware.  Colourful candles in scents of jasmine, orange and cinnamon combined with lantern-style light fittings in brass or silver with jewel-coloured glass panes will help set the mood when the sun goes down.


As you can see, even without a major overhaul in their kitchens Gold Coast homeowners can suggest a sense of Moroccan mystique by displaying some sumptuous wares, using rustic materials and textures, and introducing some bright Moorish patterns to add a pop of exotic colour.