No one kitchen is perfectly suited to every family’s needs and that’s why many factors need to be assessed before adding a kitchen island or beginning the renovation of any Gold Coast kitchens.

Gold Coast kitchens islands

A kitchen island is a stylish addition to your home

Gold Coast kitchens are no longer just cooking spaces. When tailored to suit your individual needs, a well-planned kitchen can greatly enhance your family’s quality of life. Large, spacious kitchens have become desirable as more families have begun to realize the importance of freshly cooked meals over take-aways and processed foods. Due to the mass abundance of food blogs, people have developed an interest in flavours and trying new and healthy cuisines like never before. Instead of being a chore, cooking has become something many people immensely enjoy so they want to create a kitchen that will make that experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Kitchen islands are also something that have become more and more popular over the years as people have begun to plan the ideal cooking space. Whether you should install a kitchen island depends on the size of your kitchen, your cooking style, your social life and family’s eating habits.

The Size of Gold Coast Kitchens

The first and foremost thing that you must consider when making renovations is whether you have room. If you’re residing in a small, cramped space, a kitchen island may not be ideal. However, with a little ingenuity, a kitchen island bench between a small cooking area and a living space can be a huge help. That way, the illusion of two separate, functional spaces is created and a brand new breakfast nook presents itself, giving you more utility for a small space.

A large, spacious kitchen allows you to have a full island bench running along the middle of the  kitchen. You can also opt to add tall stools to create a hip cafe feel for morning coffee or cereal, for working while eating and for socializing with friends and family when you are entertaining.

Cooking Style of the Homeowner

Gold Coast kitchens which are home to people who like to space out their work tasks as they cook are also good candidates for the installation of a kitchen island. Some people like to spread out their ingredients and create something of an assembly line. This is very difficult to do with a cramped space but the presence of a kitchen island can give you that much needed space. Picture yourself making soup on a cold winter night. The stove can be on the traditional side whereas all the vegetables can be chopped and then neatly lined up on the kitchen island as they await their turn to go into the bubbling pot. Without a kitchen island, the cramped space makes it difficult to work when ingredients start lining up on the counter.

Family Needs and Lifestyle

Does your family often pitch in to help you as you’re cooking? If so, a kitchen island is a must. Without it, Gold Coast kitchens can become more like boxing rings as siblings can start fighting for space while parents get annoyed at the hindrance to their efficiency. While you cook a hot meal, your family members can utilize the additional space to whip up dessert. Meats, baking products and fresh fruits and vegetables can be kept separate. Not only does this increase efficiency, it is also helps maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

In summary, kitchen islands can be a tremendous asset when incorporated into Gold Coast kitchens as they provide additional bench space for uncluttered cooking, a casual meal on the go, and a great hub for entertaining guests.