When it comes to keep things clean, tidy and organized in kids’ bathrooms Gold Coast parents have their work cut out for them.  But with a little forethought and some clever design tips you can give your second bathroom a makeover that will not only have the kids beaming but will also see Mum and Dad breathing a sigh of relief….

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Make life easy for yourself by using only durable surfaces that are easy to clean

If your family is anything like ours then the kids’ bathroom is a bit like a disaster area that Mum continually battles to keep from looking like a category five cyclone has swept through.  Dirty clothes, dirty kids and water are a frightening combination and it seems the cleaner the kids come out, the dirtier the bathroom becomes.  To make life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning kids bathrooms Gold Coast parents need to ensure they have equipped the area with very durable surfaces that are simple to clean and which will not be damaged by splashing water or steam.

If you have an older bathroom that is looking a bit dated then a great way to give it an inexpensive makeover is to have it resurfaced.  Not only will fixtures such as tubs, vanities and tiles come up looking clean and bright but they will also require a lot less ongoing cleaning.  This is because the resurfacing acrylic seals the grout lines between tiles so there is nowhere for mould and mildew to get a hold.  When it comes to resurfaced bathrooms Gold Coast families find them to be very low maintenance yet durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear.  By the same token, if you decide a repaint is in order for the room, make sure you choose paint that is specially designed to withstand water and steam and can be easily wiped clean.

Set the stage for some good, clean fun with age-appropriate decor

If you have younger children, giving your bathroom walls a revamp with a fresh coat of paint in bright primary colours can help to get your kids excited about the everyday chores of brushing their teeth and taking a bath.  You might want to consider stencilling some fun designs on the wall or putting up some wall art of their favourite characters.  A theme such as cartoons, animals or sports can work well and can also help to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to colour and accessories.

For teenage bathrooms Gold Coast parents can probably keep things a little more neutral and introduce personality through accessories.   If your teenagers are anything like ours, their likes and dislikes will be changing as frequently as their clothing.  Towels, rugs, art and accessories can help to personalise their space without being too difficult to update as their tastes mature and change.

Provide plenty of good storage for kids’ bathrooms Gold Coast

By providing good storage for kids’ bathrooms Gold Coast families will find it much easier to stay on top of mess and clutter that can be created by bath toys, strewn clothing, towels, toiletries and hair and make-up accessories for teens.  One of the best solutions for wet toys is a string bag that can be hung over the bath-tub allowing toys to drip dry.  Buckets and baskets are a great option for storing toiletries and the bits and pieces that end up all over the bathroom sink.  These can be stowed neatly behind vanity doors, brought out when the contents are needed and then quickly shoved back out of sight to keep any clutter at bay.  Cute toothbrush holders will encourage children to put their dental gear away after use and be sure to provide hanging racks or rails for towels and washcloths at the right height for your child.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a bathroom that your child will be proud to call their own.  By providing plenty of storage options, fun décor and low-maintenance surfaces for kids bathrooms Gold Coast families can create a kid-friendly bathtime experience that will support them as they learn and grow.