To create Asian-inspired bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners can take their cues from the calming and soothing elements of nature.

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The goal when redesigning your bathroom in this style is to create an area that promotes tranquility. Although the ideal Zen bathroom would include a soaking tub situated next to a glass wall overlooking an Asian-inspired garden, it is possible to create an Eastern retreat on a budget without needing to strip out and replace your fixtures.

The Yin and Yang of Lighting

When creating exotic Asian bathrooms Gold Coast designers will place significant emphasis on the lighting scheme.  The goal is to have a balance between light and shadow, so the use of natural lighting from a window is best. However, you can create a balance between electrical lighting and natural lighting by diffusing the electrical lights. Hang sconces on each side of the sink area to create layered lighting. If the only lighting in the bathroom is in the ceiling or over the sink, a dimmer switch can easily be installed that allows you the bright light necessary for grooming as well as the dimness necessary for relaxing. For privacy and to help diffuse light, cover the window with a rice paper shade or an opaque window film.

Oriental Colour Schemes

When choosing the colours for Asian-inspired bathrooms Gold Coast households have a few different options open to them. The first is to use deep, rich colours such as a warm orange, with deep a red accent for accessories or trim. However, this colour combination may seem too bold for some, so you could opt for earth tone colours such as a soft beige with dark brown accents. For example, paint the walls in creamy beige, the trim in a dark brown and use accessories, such as wicker baskets, that are medium brown to create a balance between the light and dark browns.

Wood and Stone Elements for Bathrooms Gold Coast

Wood and stone are nature inspired features that can be easily incorporated in oriental style bathrooms. Use stone tiles or bamboo for the flooring and cover with a simple, woven rug. Slate or stone tiles look amazing in the shower area and really create that distinctive Asian look.  They are also easy to care for.  A storage cabinet made from teak wood is an ideal way to incorporate a natural feel, while providing storage space. When choosing wooden items such as a vanity or storage cabinet for Asian style bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners should opt for the darker, richer tones.

East Meets West Accessories

Pulling off the Zen style bathroom will require an extraordinary degree of organization and minimalism.  All bulky items such as hair dryers should be stored out of sight when not in use. The accessories you choose should make a bold statement, without being too clichéd. The use of plants such as bamboo shoots, a bonsai or palm tree is a great way to bring nature in and add colour. To add a calming natural element to Asian bathrooms Gold Coast residents might also consider placing a small water fountain in a corner. Line the bathtub with spice, herb or lavender scented candles placed in dark, wooden candle holders. Use wicker baskets to store personal hygiene items, towels and other accessories. Choose dark coloured linens, either displayed on a slim towel rack or from hooks on the back of the door.

The goal is to have a relaxing area that is balanced, inspired by nature and free of clutter. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that using items such as paper lanterns, Japanese scrolls or shower curtains with bamboo pictures may be attractive, however, when creating authentic Asian-inspired bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners may find it better to steer clear of these items.