When looking to install new kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators have three important design considerations to keep in mind: surface material, colour palette and profile…

Surface Selection

Firstly, it’s important to select a countertop material that suits your household’s lifestyle.  Whether it’s an economical laminex or an elegant stone top selected to grace the kitchen of a tranquil beachside retreat, remember that functionality is just as important as looks. For instance when it comes to stone kitchen benchtops Gold Coast families may find the scratch and heat resistant qualities of man-made stone preferable to the less durable finish of natural marble. So it’s imperative that when choosing the material for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators weigh the pros and cons of the various surfaces and choose the top that will work best for their particular lifestyle and situation.

Colour Palette

Having decided on the optimum material for their kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators can move onto the critical consideration of colour choice.  Bear in mind that the amount of light in the room could significantly affect the appearance of the colour chosen.  Before making a final decision on the colour palette for their kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners should make sure they are happy with how the colour comes up under morning, midday and evening light conditions.  Another principal to remember is that the number of colours used will define the look of the room, so it is better to have no more than five colours in your kitchen design.

Best Colour Schemes For Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast

kitchen benchtops Gold Coast

Hanstone Quartz benchtop in white (Photo credit: www.hanstone.com.au)

White:  When it comes to choosing the perfect colour for beach house kitchen benchtops Gold Coast designers will often opt for white.  Layered white on white interiors are a perfect foil for the blue of the ocean (just think of  Santorini) and their clean perfection can add a feeling of spaciousness to a room. White will also work well for an ultra-modern design scheme and is a great choice for refreshing the kitchen in a dated apartment.

Neutrals:  Neutrals are a great way to simplify the look of a space and are the perfect choice for anyone thinking of selling their property.  By choosing cream or beige toned kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners can create a stylish feel for their room and a blank canvas that will allow them to introduce other colours.  Neutral colours also marry well with other materials such as wood or stainless steel.

kitchen benchtops Gold Coast

Hanstone quartz benchtop in sterling grey (Photo credit: www.hanstone.com.au)

Black: Black and dark greys make for sleek, stunning kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will find easy to pair with other colours. These dark shades lend a contemporary edge to your décor and are particularly suitable for a Euro-chic style palette.

Earth tones:  Browns and khaki greens are often a good choice for those wishing to evoke a feeling of sophistication and luxury. Conversely, when seeking to introduce a more rustic element for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homes that are set in the hinterland or surrounded by nature will be beautifully adorned with the choice of an earthy palette.


Having picked the perfect palette for their kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators will also need to choose a profile to complement their design. Depending on the surface, there are a number of edging styles available. While a 180-degree bullnose is still a widely used profile for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast design trends  have seen square edges and aprons become popular both with designers and homeowners alike.

By paying special attention to these three design considerations for kitchen benchtops, Gold Coast renovators can ensure that the final result is a practical yet stunning kitchen.  Whether it’s the installation of a new laminex, manufactured or natural stone counter, or the economical resurfacing of existing kitchen benchtops Gold Coast business Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing can help turn your kitchen makeover dreams into reality.