In the world of kitchen renovations, Gold Coast refinishing specialists Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing are taking the industry by storm and creating incredible kitchen makeovers based on high-tech restoration technology.  With the average new kitchen cost now blowing out at over $20,000, more and more homeowners are searching for budget-friendly alternatives to spruce up their homes .  But it seems that when it comes to kitchen renovations, Gold Coast home owners and investors are only just beginning to cotton on to what renovators in the UK and USA have known for several decades  – that resurfacing as opposed to replacing can produce savings of as much as 70% off new kitchen cost.

Kitchen renovations Gold Coast - before resurfacing

Dated cupboards and benchtops before the kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations Gold Coast - after resurfacing

After the kitchen renovations, the resurfaced cupboards and benchtops look like new

“Resurfacing is a far more economical choice for most kitchen and bathroom renovations since you don’t have to shell out for the construction costs, new kitchen material costs and labour costs that are typically factored into traditional kitchen renovations,” Gold Coast resurfacing technician, Rod Thomsen, explained.  “It’s also a far more environmentally friendly option, since you are recycling your existing cupboards, fixtures and appliances rather than contributing to more unwelcome landfill.  On top of that, kitchen resurfacing is often a far less intrusive way to conduct a kitchen renovation, since you don’t have dirty tradesmen demolishing cabinets and tramping dust around your house, and you won’t be put out for weeks on end  waiting for cabinetmakers, tilers, electricians, glaziers and a host of other contractors to complete the work.  Most kitchen resurfacing jobs can be completed in two to five days so it’s no wonder that people are seeing resurfacing as a very attractive option for their kitchen renovations.”

When considering kitchen resurfacing as an option over traditional kitchen renovations, Gold Coast renovators seeking a long-term, durable finish that won’t peel, discolour or look painted are advised to deal only with a professional, qualified resurfacing technician.  Cautioned Rod Thomsen, “Kitchen benchtops and cupboards that look like they have been painted over, or coatings that fade or lose adhesion after a couple of years do not represent good value for money, no matter how little you paid for your kitchen renovation.”

Gold Coast homeowners will be astounded at the difference a professional resurfacer can make to their kitchen in just a few days.  Said Rod Thomsen, “At Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing, we take kitchen benchtops and cupboards that are dated and worn out, and we make them look like new again.  Best of all we do it for a fraction of the new kitchen cost, and the owners know that their lovely kitchen renovation is going to stay looking good and will continue adding value to their property for many more years to come.”