When it comes to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will no doubt be familiar with the most popular materials such as laminate, stone, engineered stone and solid surfaces.    But for those wanting something out-of-the-ordinary the choices don’t have to end there…

If it’s time for an upgrade, then adding a beautiful new benchtop to your kitchen is one of the best ways to add wow-factor and set the tone for this room.  Kitchen benchtops are the workhorse of the kitchen so they need to be tough, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish too.  If you’d like something eye-catching that offers a little more character than the typical Laminex or Caesarstone top, then here are some suggestions you may want to consider.

Four Top Choices for Unusual Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast

benchtops Gold Coast

Reclaimed timber benchtop
Photo: Kennedys Aged Timbers

Reclaimed Wood – For greener kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators can’t go past reclaimed wood as a surface material.  Reclaimed wood consists of timbers that have been salvaged from older buildings that have been pulled down.  Often these character-filled timbers are much harder than the new timbers used for building homes today, and with no two boards the same you are guaranteed of getting a benchtop that is absolutely unique to your kitchen.  Friends of ours have a charming reclaimed timber benchtop that was created from the old chook shed of a rural property they purchased.  The centrepiece of their kitchen, this magnificent benchtop has many qualities that remind me of their family – warm, welcoming and absolutely able to endure the test of time.


benchtops Gold Coast

Butchers Block Benchtop
Photo: IHR Butchers Blocks

Butchers Block – Most of us would be familiar with butchers block as a food preparation surface, but did you know that they now make entire benchtops out of this material?  A very natural yet elegant choice for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast families may want to consider using this surface material throughout their entire kitchen or just as a feature on their kitchen island.  Butchers block comes in a variety of finishes so you can choose a colour that complements your décor.  To maintain this striking handcrafted surface it’s important to continue using chopping boards rather than cutting directly on the benchtop.  Butchers block benchtops should also be waxed regularly to prevent splitting and any liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately.


benchtops Gold Coast

Glass benchtop
Photo: A+ glass

Glass – When wanting a stylish, contemporary look for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners could also consider a glass countertop.  Each glass benchtop is custom-made with cut-outs for sinks and cooktops so that the overall effect is extremely sleek and modern.  Made from toughened glass, these kind of benchtops are very durable, heat-resistant and hygienic.  The colour selection is also virtually endless as colours can be mixed to order and an optional sparkle or metallic finish can be added if desired.




benchtops Gold Coast

Concrete Benchtop
Photo: Mixed Element

Polished Concrete – Forget the idea of boring, grey cement.  When it comes to polished concrete kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators will find that this medium gives them the opportunity to be completely creative and express their own individual style.  This versatile material can be coloured according to your preferences using pigments and inlaid with various objects so that it is personalised to you.  Variations in texture and finish can be achieved and concrete can also be molded to your specifications.  Polished concrete benchtops are extremely strong however they do need to be sealed to prevent staining and it is recommended that you use a chopping board for food preparation and heat pads for very hot pans.

So as you can see there are more countertop options out there than you might first think.  When choosing kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners who like the idea of unique, handcrafted or natural materials will find that glass, reclaimed timber, concrete and butchers block make for a distinctive and individual style statement.