When deciding on a suitable surface for their benchtops Gold Coast homeowners may want to ponder the benefits of solid surfaces.

What are Solid Surface Benchtops?

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Staron solid surface
Photo credit: www.austaron.com.au

Contrary to what you may expect, the term ‘solid surface’ does not refer to stone but rather to a very versatile man-made material that is a neat homogenous mix of plastic resins and natural minerals.  The name refers to the fact that the consistency is the same throughout the entire thickness of the material. This uniformity of colour and pattern equates to a unique look for benchtops Gold Coast locals will either love or hate, but it’s really the flexibility of this material that has resulted in its growing notoriety.

The Pro’s and Con’s

The beauty of solid surface products is that they can be cut, shaped or formed into an almost endless array of designs with a massive variety of edge profiles on offer.  One of their big selling points is that they can be thermoformed into wonderful organic shapes and curves which opens up a whole treasure trove of design opportunities for those wanting something out of the ordinary. Coved splashbacks, integrated sinks and draining boards can also be incorporated, eliminating any irritating joins and crevices that can catch dirt and gunk.

Another benefit of solid surface benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will find advantageous is that they have a hygienic, non-porous surface which is resistant to moisture, mould and bacteria .  This property also makes them stain resistant and very easy to clean.  Environmentally friendly families will no doubt love the fact that solid surfaces can be easily repaired, renewed and finally reworked into other products when it’s time to redo the kitchen.

In addition to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners can use this medium to design grout-free shower stalls, vanities and bathtubs.  Unfortunately this versatility comes at a price and solid surface countertops are one of the most expensive options on the market today.  You could typically expect to pay more for a benchtop made of this material than its natural or engineered stone counterpart.  Another drawback is that solid surfaces are not as impervious to scratching or heat damage as some of the other benchtop choices, so lighter colours paired with a matt or satin finish are recommended for those wanting to minimise the appearance of wear and tear.

Top Products for Solid Surface Benchtops Gold Coast

When wanting to install solid surface benchtops Gold Coast renovators will find that there are a number of quality products to choose from. Most manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty on their selections.

Corian – Probably the most famous brand in solid surfaces, the Corian blend of minerals and acrylic was pioneered by Du Pont over 40 years ago. Corian is available in both natural and solid colours.

Staron – Made by Samsung, Staron features a unique blend of bauxite minerals and acrylic resin. It carries a number of Greenguard eco certifications.

Hi-Macs – This product features some great colour selections, including their lucent range which can be backlit for interesting effects.  It is manufactured by the LG group and is featured on Ecospecifier’s list of environmentally preferable products.

Hanex – The soft sheen of the Hanex premiere range is particularly attractive and results from a clever combination of transparent acrylic and pearl chips.

Freestyle – Freestyle is offered by Laminex and comes with a 15 year guarantee. It is a mix of polyester and acrylic resins.

Saba Surface – This product contains acrylic resins and minerals and is available in small and large scale crystal designs.

To summarise, solid surface benchtops are an attractive and eco-friendly  choice presenting unlimited design possibilities. Wherever a highly flexible and low-maintenance material is required for kitchen benchtops Gold Coast homeowners will find that solid surfaces are the perfect option for the job.