In the quest to create modern and visually appealing bathrooms, Gold Coast homeowners are discovering there’s a little-known bathroom renovation secret that those chic but expensive interior  design firms don’t want you to know.  Boasting the dual advantages of being both faster and cheaper than the typical bathroom renovation, resurfacing and restoration is an option that’s fast gaining popularity in the Gold Coast bathroom renovations arena.

Bathrooms Gold Coast - before resurfacing

Bathroom before resurfacing


Bathrooms Gold Coast - after resurfacing

Bathroom after resurfacing











Gone are the days when creating a new look for your bathroom meant completely stripping it out and rebuilding from the ground up with a corresponding investment to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.  Now, thanks to state of the art resurfacing technology, when it comes to making over the bathroom, Gold Coast homeowners can have a brand new look within a matter of days and for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation.

Bathroom resurfacing involves the skilled application of a purpose-made coating system to existing bathroom fittings, and while most people would stop short at the thought of painting the bathtub, vanity or the tiles in their bathrooms, Gold Coast resurfacing expert Rod Thomsen insists that there’s a world of difference between a DIY revamp and a professional resurfacing project.  “A professional resurfacing technician is trained to meticulously clean and prepare all surfaces prior to resurfacing, and can carry out repairs where bathroom surfaces may have become chipped, scratched or damaged,” said Rod.  “This kind of preparation ensures an immaculate surface to work with, and if not done right it’s doubtful that the client will be pleased with the final result.   A professional technician also uses specialist HVLP spray equipment and a professional-grade acrylic polymer system to produce a top quality finish that looks identical to a shop-bought fitting and which is guaranteed to last and look good for years. You probably won’t find a better value system for updating your bathroom – Gold Coast homeowners should definitely look into the many benefits that a professional resurfacer can provide.”

While resurfacing is a great option for those who are renovating on a shoe-string budget, it’s also a much more family-friendly way to makeover bathrooms.  Gold Coast renovators who opt for resurfacing  can forego the  weeks of dust, noise, mess and inconvenience involved in a traditional bathroom renovation.  Instead, most bathtub resurfacing projects can be completed in a day, while an entire bathroom can be updated and ready to use within two to three days.