When it comes to bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners can undertake these easy renovations which will not only add value to their home but also create a comforting space in which to pamper themselves.


Bathrooms Gold Coast

Resurfacing of tiles made this bathroom much fresher, brighter and relaxing

A bathroom renovation can be one of the more costly home improvement projects, yet can provide one of the biggest impacts for the look and comfort of your home.  However, if you are happy with the current location of the sink, bathtub and toilet, then it’s much easier to accomplish a makeover on minimal funds.  In this case the only requirements for a new look to your bathroom is updating the paint, lighting and tapware.  If your fixtures and flooring have seen better days then you can also consider resurfacing as an economical alternative to replacement of these key fittings.

Remove the Clutter

When seeking to create relaxing bathrooms Gold Coast renovators should firstly remove all clutter and simplify the space. The goal is to have a clean, open space without the room feeling cold and sterile. Minimize the visibility of accessories and products by using creative ways to store these items. If you do not have a vanity or storage closet in the bathroom, consider having a decorative shelf with cupboards installed. Using small wicker baskets is a great way to add colour while having a place to store towels and toilet tissue.

Choosing Relaxing Colours for Bathrooms Gold Coast

The colour you choose for the bathroom walls will have an effect on the calmness and serenity of the bathroom.  Although white paints promote cleanliness and simplicity, too much white can make the room feel sterile as opposed to relaxing. It is best to add some colour to the wall, and for relaxing bathrooms Gold Coast families will find that the natural tones tend to be very soothing.   For example, blue is often used in spas because of the serene and tranquil feeling it provides. Green promotes a healthy, restful balance and lavender paint provides a calming and relaxing environment. If you want soothing bathrooms with a natural spa feeling use a mixture of greens, soft browns and creams.


To create relaxing bathrooms Gold Coast renovators need to consider lighting as one of the most important aspects of the design. Whenever possible take advantage of natural lighting with a window or skylight. If you have to rely primarily on artificial lighting, choose light fixtures that are clean in design. Low lighting, indirect lighting and/or diffused lighted will be best for providing a relaxed atmosphere. If you plan to keep the light fixtures you are currently using, install a dimmer switch to be able to adjust the strength of lighting. This means that the light can be turned up when applying make-up and turned down when relaxing in the tub.


Since the floor typically forms the largest surface area in bathrooms, Gold Coast homeowners will deem it important to choose flooring materials that have a relaxing impact on the room. Environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo flooring or tiles made from recycled glass are excellent choices. If you choose to use ceramic tiles, use larger tiles instead of the standard small ones to distract the eye from patterns and to make the space feel larger. Choose tiles that are light in colour and it is also best to use a tile without a pattern. For cost-effective Gold Coast bathroom renovations, you can have aging floor and wall tiles professionally resurfaced with a specialty acrylic paint system that will give the impression that the room has been refitted while saving you the expense and mess of a typical rebuild.


When renovating bathrooms Gold Coast families will find that updating the tapware can be one of the most economical ways to add change. A new faucet on the sink and shower stall can completely change the look of the bathroom. Choose fixtures that are sleek in design. For a relaxing bathroom, choose brass or an antique finish to tone down the sterile feeling that stainless steel may induce. There are hundreds of gorgeous environmentally friendly faucets that can save you money on the water bill and add a fresh, well put together look to the bathroom.


The accessories will finish off the relaxing feel to the bathroom. Use candles and live plants to add colour and provide a comfort feeling to the bathroom. Limit wall accessories to those with minimal designs. Instead of curtains, consider using a bamboo shade or blind for privacy. Sumptuous bathrooms need a lot of thick towels, so roll towels and store them in a decorative wicker basket next to the tub and use thick mats in front of the sink and bathtub.

By following these easy renovation tips for creating stylish and relaxing bathrooms Gold Coast renovators can imitate the look and feel of a spa in their own home without breaking the bank.