There are many styles of bathrooms Gold Coast homeowners can choose to indulge in, but one of the most popular trends in bathroom design at the moment is the movement towards natural finishes and materials.  As the world becomes more eco-conscious and the speed of modern living accelerates, the tendency to want to withdraw to the simple, soothing forms found in nature is driving us to create bathrooms that take their inspiration from the earth.

Five Tips to Get the Natural Look for Bathrooms Gold Coast


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Stone basin from Zaninelli’s Marmara range
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1.        Incorporate Natural Materials in Your Design

When wanting to introduce a relaxed, natural element to their bathrooms Gold Coast families will find that wood, stone, cotton and wicker are ideal materials to draw upon.  Everything from rough-hewn timber to sun-bleached driftwood and even contemporary wood veneers will work for the natural look, and these can be used in vanities, flooring and accessories.  Benchtop hand basins crafted from stone are hugely popular right now and have tactile appeal that is simultaneously timeworn yet contemporary.  Of course, stone can also be used in tiles and benchtops and makes a hardwearing surface material that will endure for years.  Fluffy cotton towels and robes contrast luxuriously against the hard and rough textures of wood and stone and instantly invigorate the body with feelings of comfort and nurture.


2.       Reflect the Colours of Nature in a Neutral Palette

When injecting the elements of the natural style into local bathrooms Gold Coast designers call upon the soft tones of the neutral palette to create a restful environment.  Let the landscape be your teacher here and draw your brushstrokes in shades of taupe, sand, grey, wood browns and chalky whites. Taupe will team well with white, dark chocolate wood and stone materials such as slate and grey limestone, while sand will pair perfectly with either white or cream and materials like mother of pearl and stone fittings with a beige undertone.

3.        Choose Organic Shapes For Fixtures and Fittings

bathrooms gold coast

Stunning pool basins from Apaiser
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Chunky and organic shapes work best when wanting to create the natural style so go for softly curved fittings in basins and bathtubs as opposed to harsh geometric angles. Lush, egg-shaped freestanding baths have become a regular feature of the kind of natural-style bathrooms Gold Coast families love to unwind in.  Freestanding stone sinks that look more like huge rustic waterpots are also making their way onto the market and can impart a sense of understated luxury to the bathroom.

4.        Create a Sensual Experience

Natural style bathrooms are designed to evoke a complete feeling rest and relaxation, so avoid the use of harsh lighting or heavy window dressings.  During the daytime, you will want to allow as much natural light into the bathroom as possible to create a fresh and airy ambience.  Pale coloured walls will also help to bounce light throughout the room.  By using dimmable downlights combined with scented candles and oils in their bathrooms Gold Coast families can engage all five senses and enjoy an indulgent evening bathing ritual that equates to sheer bliss. A rainwater shower system is the ultimate back-to-nature bathroom experience.

5.        Use recycled and reclaimed materials

For truly eco-friendly bathrooms Gold Coast renovators can choose to recycle their existing fittings and resurface them rather than replacing them.  Impressive stone-fleck finishes that resemble granite can be sprayed onto bathroom vanity tops to breathe new life into old fixtures, and virtually every hard surface in the bathroom can be resurfaced in a hard-wearing acrylic finish that will make tiles, tubs and basins gleam as new.  Vanity cabinet doors and drawers can be refaced with attractive timber veneers or sprayed in a whole host of neutral and natural colours.  For families on a budget resurfacing can provide a very affordable yet highly impacting bathroom makeover, while second hand materials and reclaimed timbers can also result in some unique and eye-catching accents.

To sum it all up, by combining the mellowed forms, colours and textures of natural materials with the elements of light and water in their bathrooms Gold Coast renovators can create a calm and inviting sanctuary in which they can relax and wash away the worries of the world.