What renovator hasn’t, at one time or another, dreamt of doing bathroom renovations? Gold Coast DIYers will no doubt be in for a shock however, when they begin to add up the expenses involved in undertaking such a task.  Anyone planning to move showers, baths and toilets around in the process is in for even more of a nasty surprise since this involves changing the plumbing.  Of course changing  the plumbing means demolition of bathroom structures – all of which only serves to get the moth wallets into a veritable feeding frenzy.   So when wanting to complete impressive yet inexpensive bathroom renovations, Gold Coast renovators  need to think carefully about how they can reuse their existing strucures.

Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast - before bath resurfacing

Before bath and tile resurfacing

Gold Coast Bathroom Renovations - after resurfacing

After bath and tile resurfacing










There is one piece of hope in sight for those who fear that runaway costs may force them to abandon their notion of beautiful bathroom renovations:  Gold Coast bathrooms are usually pretty poky places, which means that with a little ingenuity it doesn’t take too much to make a big impact.  For those who only have a shoe-string budget to work with, a new colour combination may just be the trick.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, Gold Coast interior designers usually make excellent use of colour principles to play up the mood and feel of the room since typically there are not a lot of other furnishings that can be used to introduce personality into this tiny space.  Paint is an effective yet inexpensive decorating tool that can cover a large area, and accent colours can also be introduced in window treatments, towels, mats and other knick knacks. Neutral tones are a safe bet, but when wanting to add drama to bathroom renovations, Gold Coast designer showrooms are a great place to head for inspiration and to get a feel for what works.

For cheaper bathroom renovations, Gold Coast home owners might also want to consider tackling part of the work themselves.  Putting in some elbow grease on dirty jobs like demolition can help save on labour costs, or better still, recycling the existing fittings will help keep expenditure at rock bottom.  For speedier and cheaper bathroom renovations, Gold Coast business Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing will restore dated or damaged bathroom fixtures such as tiles, baths and vanities by applying a hardy acrylic coating that will chemically bonds with the surface.  And for those seeking affordable, designer-style bathroom renovations, Gold Coast resurfacing specialists can create simulated granite and two-pack finishes that offer significant savings when compared to the cost of new installations.

By being creative and putting what they already have to use in their bathroom renovations, Gold Coast families can easily add wow-factor to their refurbishments while saving a bundle.   Instead of buying expensive artwork to adorn the walls, some designers suggest framing pictures from books, magazines or calendars for an individual touch that won’t break the bank.  Lighting, mirrors, and tapware are also important details that give bathrooms a touch of class, so it’s best not to skimp where these items are concerned. In summary, for blissful and budget-conscious bathroom renovations, Gold Coast renovators can restore, recycle, and then relax in a redecorated bathroom that’s as good as new.