When it comes to creating a designer bathroom Gold Coast residents do not need to spend a lot of money to get a look that’s luxe.  Check out our top seven tips for making blissfully beautiful bathrooms on a budget.

Don’t use expensive tiles

The cost of tiles can be a significant part of any renovation budget.  It’s easy to get carried away and splurge on beautiful designer tiles that look amazing but cost a bomb.  Stone, marble or glass will be pricey to buy and will be more expensive than regular tiles to lay. When wanting to keep to a modest budget for their designer bathroom Gold Coast renovators will find it best to steer clear of these kinds of materials.  Instead, go for clever look-alike ceramic tile replicas that offer the same glamour but are gentle on the wallet.  The bonus factor here is that these will also be more hard-wearing than the real thing and easier to clean.  If you simply must have those designer tiles you’ve fallen in love with, why not try using them as a frieze or a focal feature panel rather than throughout the whole bathroom.

Keep it classic

Some of the best advice we’ve received and given out over the years in creating bathrooms for our own homes and those of our clients has been to keep things simple and opt for fittings that will be timeless.  Bathroom trends change frequently yet most people renovate that room of the house infrequently due to the high cost of moving plumbing and replacing fixtures.  To create a designer bathroom Gold Coast families will be able to feel good about for longer, we strongly suggest keeping the patterns, colours and even sizes of tiles and fixtures fairly neutral.  This means that the basic fit out of the room can become a blank canvas which can be accessorized and updated as fashions change.  A plain white tile, perhaps with a bevelled edge or a ripple for interest, looks fresh and is always in fashion.


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Floor and mirror frieze tiles have been resurfaced

If your fittings are still in good condition, why rip them out?  Where a need exists to simply update rather than replace the fittings in the bathroom Gold Coast homeowners can now opt to have their fixtures resurfaced at a very affordable price.  Tiles, vanities, cabinets and tubs can all be resurfaced in a tough acrylic coating that looks sensational, lasts for many years and is a breeze to clean since it seals the porous grout surfaces where mould would usually flourish.  Bathroom resurfacing is a fabulous option for tarting up tiles or fittings that are unattractively patterned or coloured, faded or worn but still in working condition.  When resurfacing your bathroom Gold Coast technicians will give you gleaming surfaces that look like new and best of all, can save you up to 70% of the cost of replacement.

Another nifty way to recycle and save is to visit local salvage shops, like Hinterland Salvage at Nerang.  These stores specialise in providing recycled building materials at discounted prices.  However, to add a truly designer touch to the bathroom Gold Coast renovators should also try to incorporate items from outside the bathroom into their design scheme.  Antique, industrial or vintage cupboards and shelving sourced from salvage yards, garage sales, op shops, Ebay or Gumtree can be given a fresh lick of paint and used for bathroom storage if you have the space.  An elegant chair can add a definite touch of class and comfort. You may also find some quirky second-hand accessories that can be bought for next to nothing but will add character and help to express your personality in the design.

Splurge on the right items

And by spending money on the ‘right’ items, we mean the shower screen, tapware and basins. It doesn’t cost a lot more money to get the designer taps rather than the basic models yet it’s these little touches in the bathroom Gold Coast renovators will find add an extra degree of wow factor.  Basins are available in many beautiful designs to suit every style and these too can really lift a room from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s worthwhile taking the time to source good quality fittings that will complement your overall theme when it comes to these particular items.

Add colour and texture to walls

Having started with a relatively ‘blank’ (neutral) canvas for the bathroom Gold Coast homeowners can begin to inject designer style for next to nothing through their treatment of the wall surfaces.  Since bathrooms are typically smaller areas that the average person won’t spend a huge amount of time in you can afford to be more dramatic or playful in your colour scheme if you want to.  Those who want to recreate the luxury and sophistication of a 5-star boutique hotel might want to go for dark, sultry colours on the wall.  On the other hand, if a Mediterranean spa theme is more up your alley then you could consider daubing the walls in an earthy, textured treatment.  Paint can be changed easily and inexpensively so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Overhaul lighting to create a luxury bathroom Gold Coast look

Lighting is often an area that is overlooked in home design and decoration, and especially when it comes to the bathroom.  Designers understand the difference that layered lighting can make to the ambience of a room and this can be achieved through a combination of overhead lighting, downlights and lamps. If not quite ready for a total lighting overhaul in the bathroom Gold Coast renovators could consider adding a dimmer switch to an existing circuit and accessorising with aromatic candles to create a softly lit, relaxing environment.  Remember though that good lighting around the mirror is essential for the application of make-up. The addition of a few inexpensive bulbs in this area can create a sense of Hollywood glamour if you’re after a thrifty pick-me-up.  Chandeliers, exotic lanterns and beautiful mirrors will also add wow factor, reflect light and create an opulent feel in the bathroom.

Add personality and interest with accessories

Adding some new accessories is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your bathroom.  Choose coordinating shower curtains, bath mats, curtains and blinds in lavish patterns and fabrics for a designer feel.  You can even add sense of luxury in a bathroom with a white or neutral palette by combining a rich assortment of fabric textures.  Finally, fluffy towels, scented bath lotions and pretty containers are essential finishing touches for a well-appointed bathroom Gold Coast families will adore.