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At last… A Faster, Easier and Cheaper Way to Create Beautiful Bathrooms and Kitchens Gold Coast Families Will Adore


Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

The owners of this Brisbane kitchen had it resurfaced from an outdated woodgrain melamine to a vibrant glossy red finish

Are you tired of putting up with chipped, scratched, faded, stained or old-fashioned fixtures in bathrooms, laundries or kitchens Gold Coast?  Would you like to update your existing kitchen and bathroom, but wonder whether the cost of a major renovation might be beyond your budget?

Now there’s an easy and cost-effective way to give your home the designer treatment.  Thanks to advances in resurfacing technology, there’s no longer any need to demolish your fixtures, chip off tiles or damage your walls in order to get the beautiful, modern bathroom or kitchen Gold Coast designer dreams are made of.  Why suffer the expense and inconvenience of a new installation project when Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing can dramatically transform your existing fittings in just a few days with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

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The wall tiles and vanity top of this Gold Coast bathroom were resurfaced in gloss white while the cupboard doors were refinished in charcoal grey

Is this the best kept secret in Gold Coast kitchen renovations?

By choosing to resurface rather than rebuild their bathrooms or kitchens Gold Coast renovators can save up to a whopping 70% off the cost of replacement. Smart renovators in the UK and USA have been enjoying the money-saving benefits of superior  bathroom resurfacing technology for the last 30 years.   Now you can experience the cost savings and convenience of this state-of-the-art restoration system for yourself.

Don’t Replace Your Bathrooms and Kitchens Gold Coast – Resurface and Save!

Through the professional application of a high-performance acrylic coating system that is purpose-designed for bathrooms and kitchens Gold Coast business Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing can completely transform the look of your homes

When it comes to kitchens Gold Coast renovators can now use this system to update

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bench Tops
  • Ceramic Tiles

Or use it in the bathroom for a makeover on

  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Vanities
  • Basins

You have to see it to believe it!  When you resurface Gold Coast kitchen or bathroom fittings, not only will they look sparkling, fresh and new, but your rejuvenated surfaces will also be tough, durable and a cinch to keep clean.  In fact, when it comes to bathrooms Gold Coast families can  kiss mould problems goodbye forever. Our amazing coating system seals the grout lines, preventing mould and eliminating the hours of laborious scrubbing needed to keep your bathroom gleaming.   Your surfaces will also maintain excellent water repellency and keep their good looks with outstanding colour retention for many years to come.

kitchens gold coast

The burl veneer in this Emerald Lakes kitchen was an eyesore until the owners opted to have it resurfaced in gloss white

   Designer-Look Bathrooms and Kitchens Gold Coast Families Can Afford

With hundreds of decorator colours to choose from, we can ensure that your kitchen or bathroom makeover reflects your own unique style and personality.   When it comes to kitchen benchtops Gold Coast renovators will love the beautiful fleck-cote finishes which are designed to simulate the appearance of stone.  Kitchen benchtops can be given either a smooth or textured appearance, and you have the choice of a high gloss, semi gloss or satin finish on your surfaces depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. We can also install new laminex and stone benchtops, along with new doors and cabinet modifications if required.

Instead of just putting up with cracked, chipped or colour-dated items in bathrooms or kitchens Gold Coast resurfacing technicians can make them look like new again and you’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation in a very short time frame.

Call 1300 853 015 Today For Your FREE Consultation

Wouldn’t it be great to experience your very own home makeover? Now you can.  When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens Gold Coast business Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing are the affordable experts.   Just imagine enjoying the look and feel of a brand new design scheme.

Whether you are

  • Preparing your home for sale and wanting to create inviting bathrooms and kitchens Gold Coast buyers will fall in love with
  • An investor looking for a way to freshen up and add value to your rental property, attract quality tenants and receive the maximum rental return for the minimum outlay
  • A business owner wanting to upgrade your premises so that you can present clean, fresh and modern facilities to your customers and employees
  • Just plain fed up or bored with your existing kitchen or bathroom design, and seeking a new lease of life in those areas

We can help!  Call Renew Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing on 1300 85 30 15  to book your free consultation and discover how we create the bathrooms and kitchens Gold Coast families love to come home too.

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